In England, from Monday 12th April, beer gardens and pubs with outdoor spaces were finally allowed to reopen. And, as Brits, we have all made the most of it. Not just by going and getting drunk, but by laughing at ourselves online. So here are some of the best memes about the pubs opening!

1. People were feeling very patriotic after seeing what hardships we will put up with for a pint

2. Others were just feeling pure regret the next day

3. The weather is always out to ruin our fun, and some places had to put up with snow to get their pints

3. Is it just us, or is it really hard to remember how to pair shoes with clothes now. What even is a hairbrush?

4. But once we remembered how to use the hairbrush, damn – we looked good.

5. For the first time in a long time, we’ve had to move, and the race to the beer gardens was on

6. Unless you were organised enough to get bookings in, Bottomless Brunch here we come!

8. Never again will it be acceptable to act like these ladies

8. Honestly, we’re really just hoping it warms up. Cannot be dealing with frostbite for a pint

Regardless of the freezing temperatures and manic queues, one things for sure, we’re really glad to have the pubs back.