Festival season is coming up soon. Do you know what that means? It’s time to stock up on some essentials asap and get that festival packing list sorted! To help you out, we’ve come up with a list of everything that you’ll need to boss festival season and summer without breaking the bank.  Read on below to find out more.

Your ticket

Firstly, your festival ticket is undoubtedly the most important thing on the list as without this you won’t get entry into your festival. Don’t attempt buying them outside the official festival website from secondary sellers as they won’t be trustworthy. They could either be fake or stolen.

A Bucket Hat


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A Bucket hat has to be on your festival packing list- Because are you really at a UK festival if you aren’t wearing a bucket hat?! (Umbrella hats are acceptable too!)


You will be using lots of your energy when you’re at a festival so it’s best to pack some slow-burning snacks to avoid getting tired or lethargic. Nuts, cereal bars or crisps will probably be your go-to so it’s best to pack those and have a handful when you’re exploring and drinking all the booze you smuggled in. 

Sports Drinks

Let’s face it; you’re going to get drunk over the course of a music festival- no matter how much how you maintain that you are on a health kick. So, in order to power through, you’ll want to make sure you have plenty of electrolyte-full energy drinks on hand to rehydrate you fast! Try Lucozade, Gatorade (or coconut water for all of you healthy people.)

Your ID

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You will be required to have ID in order for the festival to serve alcohol to you. However, to prevent taking it out lots of times, you will most likely be given an ‘over 18s’ wristband.

Reusable water bottle

Bring a bottle you can fill up upon arrival at the campsite. Also, it’s good to have a large container for cooking and to bring around camp and a smaller bottle to carry around for the day. We love these sustainable ones from Moon Bottles.

Earplugs and eye masks

A definite festival essential. Lights may come through your tent and people may be up and awake until the early hours of the morning. So it’s best to block out the sun when it’s rising and get a few more hours of sleep until you’re up and about again.



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This should be on everyone’s list for festival essentials. Make sure to have lots of colours, shapes and sizes if you want to go for that festival lover look, including glitter roots and glitter makeup. If you want it to stick, make sure to pack glitter face glue and hairspray.

Phone and portable charger

A definite must is a phone if you want to meet up with anyone. Most festivals offer phone charging services but these can get expensive so make sure to charge up your portable charger the night before you leave. Plus, it’s better to leave you portable charger unattended rather than your phone in the communal charging area.

Tent and sleeping bag

An obvious festival essential. Make sure you can put the tent up and carry them both. It’s no use bringing a large, luxury tent that’s going to be a burden to carry.

Money and cards

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A must for a festival trip. Some festivals may even provide a ‘lock up’ where you can stash your valuables so you won’t lose them, including your money and cards. To prevent standing in long queues for the cash machine, you can just go to your lock-up and get your cash for the day.

Festival app

If the festival you’re going to has an app, why not download it? It usually gives a map of the site so you can easily make your way around without getting lost and you can plan what you want to see each day.

First aid essentials

When heading to a festival, it’s best to be prepared. Try bringing some First Aid essentials such as plasters, disinfectant wipes, bite cream and paracetamol. In order to treat any minor injuries or headaches, it’s also good to have some anti-inflammatories at hand. Also, it’s best to have contacts for the festival medical team in case of emergency.

Torch and lamp

Both are easy essentials you’ll need in order to navigate your way around the campsite at night. A lamp is also good to hang whilst you are sleeping in order to give some light in the tent.

There are plenty of other items that aren’t necessarily allowed but everyone smuggles them into festivals anyway... Know any more festival essentials that you can’t survive summer without? Share your thoughts in the comments!