With Valentines Day fast approaching, let’s take a moment to appreciate the funniest and cheesiest Valentines memes we only get to see once a year. Whether you are single or in a relationship they are guaranteed to make you giggle.

1. “Are you Google? Because you have everything I’m searching for.”

Big Bang Theory Valentines meme
Credit: LFG dating

2. “How you know it’s Valentines Day.”

How you know it's Valentines Day meme
Credit: The Sun

3. Hmmm what are my plans for Valentines?

Harry Potter Valentines meme
Credit: The Mirror

4. “If you’re secretly in love with me, now would be the time to speak up”

Valentines meme
Credit: Pinterest

5. Love is in the air, WRONG!

Credit: Meme Generator

6. Good job Valentines Day is a Sunday this year

The funniest valentines memes
Credit: The Tab

7. Oh Dwight

The office Valentines meme
Credit: Pinterest

8. “Ain’t nobody got time for that”

Nobody got time for that meme
Credit: Coupon Pal

9. “Is your name Wi-Fi?”

Is your name wifi meme
Credit: Make a meme

10. Erm no thanks…

Be my valentines forever meme
Credit: Quick Meme