If you are worried about finances during this pandemic, then we are here to bring you the companies that are hiring during the Coronavirus outbreak. 

There is a total of over 50,000- new jobs available to help bridge the gap if you are worried about finances. Companies like Amazon, Asda, Aldi, Lidl, Deliveroo and Tescos are just some who are hiring new workers during this pandemic in the UK.

As you are probably aware, supermarkets and online delivery services have been really busy, forcing stores to limit the amount of items each customer can buy. Delivery slots are also booked out until April!

Tesco has announced they are hiring 20,000 new staffto meet the coronavirus panic-buying demand.

And Morrisons has announced 3,500 new jobs to help with home deliveries to vulnerable people.

Amazon is also hiring in the UK

Below we have rounded up the companies looking for temporary staff during this period to help anyone who may need a little extra cash.

Which companies are creating new jobs?

The following companies have announced they are increasing staff levels to cope with the extra demand from the Coronavirus outbreak.

– Aldi: They have created 5,000 temporary jobs and 4,000 permanent vacancies across all parts of their business. Permanent roles include in-store, head office and logistics. Temporary include stores and distribution centres and are asking for immediate starts. Temporary jobs could also become permanent. You can apply via their recruitment website or via Linkedin.

– Amazon: They are looking for delivery drivers and operations specialists across different parts of the UK. Amazon delivery drivers earn around £9.50 an hour. These have been posted on Linkedin. You can also see a full list of jobs here. 

– Asda: Asda is taking on 5,000 temporary employees. Workers will be offered shifts or temporary roles. Current employees are recruiting people on social media, as well as friends and family. You can view the list of jobs here. 

– Deliveroo: They are advertising for delivery drivers across the UK. Drivers typically earn about £10 an hour. You can find vacancies here. 

– Iceland: They are looking for retail assistants and store managers. You can apply via Linkedin or here. They typically pay £9.10 per hour for sales assistants depending on the location of the store.

– Just Eat: Just Eat has posted loads of job advertisements for food delivery drivers and bikers in the last few days. It is reported drivers can earn up to £120 a day. Here is the full list of vacancies or look on Linkedin.

– Lidl: Lidl has created 2,500 temporary jobs across 800 stores in the UK. You can apply for these on Linkedin or find out more here. They typically pay £9.30 per hour.

– Morrisons: Morrisons announced they are creating 3,500  new jobs to help with home delivery. They are also looking for 2,500 pickers and drivers to help with home deliveries. And 1,000 people to work in their distribution centre. Vacancies are advertised through social and on Morrisons job page. On average workers get paid around £9.13 an hour.

– Ocado: Ocado is looking for delivery drivers and ops managers across the UK. you can apply via Linkedin or here. Workers can expect to earn around £8.43 per hour.

– Sainsbury’s: Delivery driver roles are being advertised via Linkedin or here. You can typically earn around £9 an hour as a driver.

– Tesco: Tesco is creating a massive 20,000 jobs which include delivery drivers and shop assistants. Workers can earn an average of £9.30 an hour. The role is temporary but could become permanent. Apply through their website.

– Uber Eats: As you can imagine deliveries have increased among the Coronavirus pandemic. As such, they are looking for delivery drivers. Drivers can earn around £11.14 per trip. You can apply on UberEats website – find out more here.

– Waitrose: Waitrose are looking for supermarket assistance at various stores in the UK. Workers can expect to earn £9.35 an hour. They are advertising on Linkedin – find out more here.

– Fiver: Fiver has a number of project-based roles, including web development, writing and online jobs that can be done at home.

– People per hour: They have a number of freelance roles which you can carry out from home.