Drew a moustache on your mate after he passed out drunk? You amateur. Uni has always been the prime environment for clever pranksters and as a result there’s been some next-level, on-campus mischief in the past. Much more advanced than a sharpie on a fresher. Here are the The most outrageous student pranks of all time.

1. Cambridge car prank

In 1958, engineering students at Cambridge University managed to mount an Austin Seven car on the 70-ft high roof of the Senate House. Mr Peter Davey, the confessed ringleader of the iconic stunt (who is now 81 years old) said a ground party moved the car into position, while a lifting party on the roof hoisted it up using an A-shaped crane made from scaffolding poles and steel rope. They relied on ‘May Bumps’ celebrations to ensure all passers-by were drunk and wouldn’t notice the struggle, also employing two female students to hitch their skirts up and offer a distraction just in case.


2. Marriage proposal flash mob

A flash mob is one thing, but one that turns out to also be a fake marriage proposal is on a whole other prank planet. But that’s exactly what two students from La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia, did. During the ‘Love Week’ event at their University Hall: Glenn College, students were challenged to propose to anyone at anytime and film it. Paddy and Eloise took the idea and ran with it, choreographing a routine to perform in front of the entire campus, which ended with Paddy down on one knee. They were cheered and clapped as they sealed the deal with a kiss, but the whole thing was a sham. Watch it unfold here:

3. Semen blocks drains at Manchester uni

Imagine receiving a letter under your door politely asking you to refrain from masturbating in the shower. Well, that’s exactly what happened at Manchester uni in 2012. The prank letter was extremely convincing, even illegally using the official letterhead and ‘signed’ by the accommodation management officer. It claimed that the university had been suffering plumbing problems and it was recently discovered that this was due to a large build up of semen in the system. The letter kindly asked students to masturbate in their bedrooms and dispose of the bodily fluids in the bin. Well played indeed pranksters.

Screenshot 2020-01-15 at 11.21.32.png

4. Funny farm

This story comes in many forms, but the crux of the legend is that three pigs were let loose on multiple university campuses with the numbers 1, 2 and 4 painted on them. That way, even once all the pigs were captured, university officials would continue searching for the elusive pig number 3.

Screenshot 2020-01-15 at 11.23.25.png

5. Impossible maze

A popular one, but you have to give kudos to anyone who puts in the time and effort to pull it off. It requires access to someone’s bedroom and a lot of plastic cups. Simply fill the cups with water (or dark liquid if you’re pure evil) and place them over every spare centimetre of the floor.


6. Wrap war

Some use wrapping paper, others newspaper, but we personally think covering every single item inside a person’s room is most effective and photogenic when using foil. #hottip


7. Heart attack horn

The ringing in your ears should only last a few hours, but the memories are forever…

hooter prank
So. there you have it. Those are the most Outrageous Uni Pranks of all time. Know of any wild pranks from your own university? Share your stories in the comments and we might add them  in.
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