It’s February. We are a month into the second semester, and for some, a month further away from our old fresher selves. Of course, while the die-hard party goers are pushing through to maintain their rep, the rest of us are falling off the band wagon as we settle into what can only be described as the post fresher flop. Here are the seven signs you have fallen into the cracks.

1. You’ve downgraded to one or two nights out a week

The time had to come eventually, but you just didn’t expect it to be so soon. You fondly reflect back on those first weeks in September when you were full of energy and always had a bottle of vodka to hand. Now even making the trip to your union club night leaves you pinned to the sofa for the entirety of the next day.

2. You start to think (albeit momentarily) a little more about actual work

With all of your results back from semester one, you start to consider all of your life options and resolve to knuckle down. Of course, this doesn’t actually happen, so the amount of time you spend in the flat binge watching your current Netflix series increases (this also probably has a lot to do with the fact you get out less now: see point 1).

3. You start only going to pre-drinks

This is a pinnacle point in your first year, your way of telling yourself you are still being sociable and enjoying yourself when really you will be back in bed by midnight.

4. You begin to look forward to moving out of halls more and more

It doesn’t matter to you that your second year house may be further away than your on-campus halls. It doesn’t matter that you are losing your en suite bathroom or that you have to get used to a whole new house again in a few months time. The noise from upstairs, and the hallway and everywhere else in halls all gets a bit too much for you. And so do the forty flights of stairs in your tower block.

5. You realise how much you miss your home comforts

And by home comforts I mean having your laundry done for you and eating meals that don’t come out of a packet. Of course, not all freshers rely on ready meals to get them through the day. But it would still be nice to have a meal cooked by your parents every once in a while.

6. You run out of things to wear

Despite my previous point, I don’t mean because you haven’t washed your clothes since you returned after Christmas. While you partied your way through semester one, you forgot to consider the fact you were using up all possible outfit options. Now the second semester is here, when you do manage to pull yourself together for a night out, you make excuses about the fact that everybody has already seen you in that mesh top – yes you have worn it a hundred times!

7. Your originality on social media dies out

Your uni freshers album is posted in less and less frequently, and your Instagram is suffering. Alas, your photos are looking more and more the same now the squad has nailed their poses, so it’s probably for the best that you don’t risk giving your 200 followers de ja vu.