One of the biggest concerns that students have is how much rent is going to be – so, with NatWest’s help we’ve made a list of the cities with the highest student rents. Are you living in the most expensive city?

28. Belfast

The average student rent in Belfast is only £251.50, leaving them a lot of spare cash to buy lots of £3.90 pints.

27. Cardiff

The average student rent in Cardiff is £328, which is a reasonable number. It leaves the Welsh students with plenty leftover from their average term-time income to go and learn the ways of the Welsh. That is, go and watch the rugby with some cheap pints.

26. Leicester

The average student rent in Leicester is £342.60, which isn’t half bad considering their relatively decent student income. Overall, they’ve got plenty of cash left – although we’re not sure where that goes, as Leicester students aren’t known for their wild nights!

25. Newcastle

The average student rent in Newcastle is £359.10, which is paid in part by a hefty loan from the bank of mum and dad, it seems…

24. Swansea

The average student rent in Swansea is only £363.30, leaving plenty of money to go and explore the city and its £2.90 pints. Maybe that’s how they scored 14th in the universities that have the most sex! 

23. Glasgow

The rent in Glasgow is quite low, with an average of £373.20. This leaves plenty of cash spare from their term-time incomes, which explains how they can afford to score number 3 on our hardest partying universities list! 

22. Norwich

In a gorgeous little city, students only have to pay an average £377.80 in rent every month. This lines up nicely with the costs of the city, allowing students to buy as many £3.90 pints as their heart desires!

21. Sheffield

To live in the party city of Sheffield, you will have to pay an average student rent of £383 per month. Although it would appear that plenty of Sheffield students get a helping hand from their parents to cover their costs. More money for the pub!

20. Southampton

The average student rent in Southampton is £393.40, which we’d argue is worth it considering you get a huge IKEA, and to live in the 20th hardest partying city. Plus, they’re the 11th kinkiest city too. What more could you possibly want for £393.40 a month?

19. Liverpool

The average student rent in Liverpool is £395.90. This is doable, especially when it means you get to live in one of the hardest partying cities. Although this, plus the party lifestyle, may be why Liverpool Hope University students are poor. 

18. Aberdeen

Up in Aberdeen, the average student rent is £399.90. Just under four hundred to be in one of the top 10 partying cities, plus getting to live in gorgeous Scotland – we think that’s reasonable.

17. Durham

Up north, the average student rent in Durham is £400.20. Considering the university is known for being Oxbridge students’ second choice – we aren’t shocked at the pricey rent tag. Although it doesn’t leave a lot for the partying aspect of university life, the Durham students haven’t let that stop them! 

16. Canterbury

Students doing their studying in Canterbury can get pints for £3.50 a pop, but they’ll have to fork out quite a bit for their rent, with the average student rent in Canterbury coming in at £417.20.

15. Portsmouth

The average student rent in Portsmouth is £442.10, and for that you get to stay in a great party city, with £3.50 pints, and a reputation for sex in the libraries. Bargain, if you ask us.

14. Manchester

Looking to study up north? The average student rent in Manchester is £424.20. Although for that price you get to stay in the 19th hardest partying city in the country. Manchester is known for its student nights, and a lot of students get help towards the relatively hefty rent, with Manchester making number 11 on the list of borrowing from parents. 

13. Exeter

Exeter has gorgeous scenery, and so the average student rent of £432.20 is understandable. But it’s even better for those students who are able to borrow up to £270 each month from their parents! 

12. Coventry

Coventry’s rent seems a little higher than you may expect, with the average student rent coming in at £435.10. But, much to our surprise, the city is one of the best for wild nights out, and is one of the kinkiest cities in the country. So it does have things going for it, if you’re that way inclined!

11. Leeds

The average student rent in Leeds is £445.70, for which you can enjoy reasonably priced pints, and an average term-time income of over £1000. Overall, Leeds is, well, just average. Is anyone surprised?

10. Birmingham

Anyone willing to put up with the Brummy accent for 3+ years is likely to have to pay an average student rent of £459.50. We reckon the accent is worth it for the top party city in the UK, not to mention the city is in the top 20 for the students having the most sex! Maybe there’s a correlation…

9. York

York seems to be quite a quiet city, not scoring particularly high on our cruder city rankings, but it is known for its beautiful scenery and well-priced pints. The average student rent in York is £274.20

8. Bristol

Students in Bristol pay an average monthly rent of £490.70, but not to worry, half of that is covered by the loans from the bank of mum and dad. That’s how they afford to party as much as they do! 

7. Cambridge

For those brainiacs who made it to the top, the average student rent in Cambridge is £494.80. This isn’t too bad for a party city, antiquity, and the highest term-time income! 

6. Edinburgh

Living in one of the top party cities, with gorgeous scenery and plenty to do puts you at an average student rent of £503.30. This doesn’t leave a lot spare for those drinks, but Edinburgh students seem to find a way!

5. Poole

Gorgeous scenery and a medium term-time income come with a relatively heft fee, with Poole’s average student rent is £512.30.

4. Brighton

Whilst we all dream about staying by the seaside, dreams can shatter when you realise that the average student rent in Brighton is £531.60. Although, for London-by-the-sea, it’s quite a decent price, especially for the 14th hardest partiers! 

3. Plymouth

The average student rent in Plymouth is £569.40, which is a heft sum to pay for a student house each month, but it seems that in that fee most Plymouth students do quite a bit of house-sharing… if you catch our drift.

2. Oxford

The average student rent in Oxford is £582. But don’t worry, the average student in Oxford borrows £376 from their parents each month, so they’ll still have enough to get partying with. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be on our top 25 party cities! 

1. London

Unsurprisingly, the capital has a rather extortionate rent, with the average student rent in London coming in at £716.90. But for this, you get brilliant transport across the country, plenty of things to do for all tastes, and the opportunity to explore the capital!

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Last Updated on September 14, 2022