The UK is united in watching Love Island on ITV2. In fact, the steamy reality show has grasped everyone’s attention and isn’t letting up anytime soon. Of course, Love Island’s effortless appeal is largely due to an interesting cast of attractive people and their shared mission – love. The show is replete with controversy and excitement galore. This organic blend is only possible and original due to the new contestants on the show every year. We’ve been introduced to all of the stars but how much do we really know about them all? Like what they did for jobs before becoming national heartthrobs. Well, we’ve done a bit of stalking and found the LinkedIn of the love Island 2022 contestants.

Gemma Owen

Gemma Owen is Michael Owen’s daughter. Okay, moving on. The Swansea native doesn’t seem to have a LinkedIn and she may not have needed one. The daughter of the premier league icon is a business owner at just 19 years of age. This seems to influence her confidence in the villa more than her being a child of a sports star.

Her LinkedIn would probably reflect this, we imagine she’d have “started from the bottom now we here” in her bio…sorry that was a little corny.

Gemma Owen Love Island 2022 contestants
Source: Instagram

Afia Tonkmor 

Next up, we have healthcare assistant Afia Tonkmor, as you can see her page is mostly empty. This groups the 25-year-old Londoner with the rest of us who have yet to update our LinkedIn profiles. Nonetheless, Afia is a great addition to the villa, we look forward to seeing what she’ll get up to in Love Island 2022.

Afia Tonkmor Love Island 2022 contestants
Source: Instagram

Paige Thorne

Paige Thorne has blessed our screens with her bubbliness. The paramedic who notably saved the life of an old man is actually touted to win the show. She doesn’t have a LinkedIn profile. Her page would probably have a joke on it somewhere. Like “why do paramedics always drink coffee? Because they don’t have time for casual- tea!”.(We thought that was funny)

Paige Thorne Love Island 2022 contestants
Source: Instagram

Indiyah Polack

Indiyah Polack was a waitress before making it onto love island 2022. Her LinkedIn page is polished and pretty – just like her. She describes herself as energetic and motivated with great people skills. Those “people skills” skills have definitely served her well as she is a natural on tv.

This is what the love island island 2022 contestant do according to their linkedIn profiles.
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Tasha Ghouri 

The 23-year-old model became the first deaf person to ever feature on Love Island as a contestant. Her good looks and charisma caught the attention of both Jay and Andrew (she should add that to her portfolio).

Tasha Ghouri Love Island 2022 contestants

Amber Beckford

London’s Amber Beckford worked as a nanny before arriving on our screens. No LinkedIn but we get an insight into amber through her Instagram where she shows off her lavish lifestyle.

It’s easy to see Amber working with kids due to her nature, she seems to be doing just fine handling them on Love Island 2022.

Amber Beckford Love Island 2022 contestants
Source: Instagram

Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu

Following on, this Turkish actor and influencer has been a welcome addition to the villa. Her coupling with Davide has been exciting, to say the least.

Her job as an actor is fitting as drama seems to follow her ( I think we just came up with her LinkedIn description!). Ekin-Su is certainly one of the main characters of Love Island 2022.

Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu Love Island 2022
Source: Instagram

Jacques O’Neill 

The 23-year-old pro rugby player and ex of Gemma Owen fits right into the villa. With no discernible LinkedIn Jacques seems fully invested in his body for his career. The Cumbrian’s physique and subtle flirtations have made him one to watch.

Jacques O’Neill  Love Island 2022 contestants
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Dami Hope 

Hailing from Dublin, Dami puts his smarts on display as a microbiologist to navigate through the competition. Perhaps he anticipated his newfound fame and decided to put away the Bunsen burner.

Dami Hope love island 2022 contestants
Source: Instagram

Davide Sanclimenti 

According to his LinkedIn, Davide is a proud business owner from Rome who relocated to Manchester. He mentions his proficiency in communicating as well as his ability to speak Italian. Well, we’ve certainly seen him demonstrate these skills at the villa to impress the ladies.

Davide Sanclimenti job, Love Island 2022 contestants
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Ikenna Ekwonna

Ikenna describes himself as a young academic professional looking to be successful within the Pharmaceuticals industry on his page. His decision to feature on love Island 2022 is in interesting contrast to this statement as he seems slated to elevate to celebrity.

Ikenna Ekwonna Love island 2022 contestants
Source: Instagram

Jay Younger

28-year-old Jay younger seems right at home in Love Island 2022. The data analyst has joined fellow villa mate Andrew in pining over Tasha. We’re all looking forward to what he’ll bring to the villa.

(Data Analyst joke loading in 3…2…1…)

Jay Younger job, love island 2022 contestants
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Remi Lambert

22-year-old Remi Lambert is a model from Manchester. Who needs a LinkedIn when you have the looks? Remi’s caught a bit of buzz with his rap and dance videos that have circulated social to mixed reviews…. Maybe don’t count out the LinkedIn just yet.

Remi lambert job, love island 2022
Source: Radio X

Andrew Le Page

Andrew is an established real estate agent from Gurnsey but now living in Dubai. He has a LinkedIn but it is rather empty. He has a few pictures and follows Fitness First UK, seems Andrew has been preparing for Love Island 2022 for a minute.

Andrew Le Page Love island 2022 contestants
Source: Instagram

Luca Bish

Luca is a  fishmonger from Brighton. “I’m Luca Bish and I sell fish”….(nuff said). With a line so fabulous, who needs a LinkedIn?

Looking into the personal lives of our favourite lovebirds has proven to be quite entertaining!

However,  remember to be considerate – people in the spotlight are often subject to much criticism and online abuse due to their exposure. You can find out more about this issue here.

We wonder what they’ll all get up to after the show is done, will they return to whatever they were doing before or will they use the show to propel their careers. Either way, they’re going to have to update their LinkedIn profiles.