In the world of artificial intelligence (AI), there’s one chatbot that stands out from the crowd – it’s ChatGPT, created by OpenAI. With its witty banter, sage advice, and shockingly accurate imitation of human conversation, it’s become a household name in tech circles. But, as with all things, people have found some truly bonkers ways to use it. Here are the 15 most mind-boggling, funny, and outright odd things people have done with ChatGPT.

1. Fortune telling

weirdest ways people use ChatGPT

From reading tea leaves to gazing into crystal balls, humans have always been fascinated by the idea of predicting the future. Well, a group of inventive souls have turned ChatGPT into a digital Nostradamus, asking it to predict everything from stock market trends to the next big fashion fad. The results? Mixed at best, but you’ve got to admire their optimism!

2. Limerick generator

ChatGPT Limerick
Source: Wikipedia/Sheila1988

ChatGPT’s poetry skills have been put to the test in the creation of limericks. The results range from absolute gibberish to surprisingly rhymed stanzas. One memorable example began, “There once was a bot from AI, whose humour was terribly wry…” Hilarity guaranteed!

3. Bizarre recipe creator

Hungry for a laugh? Some users have tasked ChatGPT with concocting the most outrageous recipes possible. The AI’s ‘Cucumber Ice Cream Sandwich’ and ‘Spaghetti Carbonara with Marshmallows’ are particularly, er, memorable.

4. AI therapist

ChatGPT has served as an unofficial therapist, providing surprisingly insightful advice on everything from managing stress to resolving relationship squabbles. Just remember, its advice should be taken with a pinch of salt – it’s not a licensed professional! There are many jobs ChatGPT could replace, however there also many it just couldn’t!

5. Imaginary pet advisor

weirdest ways people use ChatGPT

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning a dragon, unicorn, or any other mythical creature, ChatGPT is your go-to advisor. From dragon diets to unicorn grooming, its answers are as fantastical as they are fun. FYI if you have a real pet you suspect is ill – don’t ask ChatGPT to help, go to the VET!

6. Space travel planner

chatgpt mission to mars

A group of space enthusiasts used ChatGPT to help plan a hypothetical mission to Mars. The AI provided them with a detailed (and highly imaginative) list of essentials, including space snacks, alien communication devices, and a stash of British tea bags.

7. Ghost writer

ghost writer ChatGPt

Many users have discovered that ChatGPT can be a useful partner in writing endeavours. It’s been used to pen everything from fantasy novels to science papers. Some results are a bit wonky, but others are oddly impressive.

8. Alien language decoder


In the realm of the absurd, one user asked ChatGPT to decipher an alien language he had made up on the spot. The AI’s responses were, unsurprisingly, out of this world.

9. Zombie apocalypse advisor

Great Gatsby apocalypse ChatGPT
Source: Hackernoon

When it comes to surviving a zombie apocalypse, ChatGPT has got you covered. It’s provided detailed plans for fortifying your home, finding food, and even negotiating with the undead. It’s all a bit of fun, of course… we hope. Others have also decided to put famous people or characters in an apocalypse to see what they would do – you sadistic bunch! Like this Great Gatsby apocalypse written by ChatGPT.

10. Stand-Up comedy coach

ChatGPT comedy

ChatGPT has been used as a stand-up comedy coach, offering joke suggestions and feedback. Results have ranged from side-splitting to groan-inducing. We actually used ChatGPT to search for some of the best Scrabble jokes, how do you think they turned out?

11. Virtual date

virtual date - ChatGPT

In a strange twist on online dating, some users have taken ChatGPT on virtual dates, complete with candlelit dinner and romantic banter. While it can’t replace human connection, it does promise# I will search for some examples of people using ChatGPT in unusual ways to include in the article.

12.Play a text-based role-playing game

ChatGPT used for role play

Fancy yourself as the dungeon master of a post-apocalyptic world filled with humanoid dogs? Well, good news – with ChatGPT, you can do just that! Users have had a blast creating interactive role-playing games in which the AI follows along, adapting the narrative based on their prompts. And if you’re a stickler for rules, you can even throw in some RPG parameters for ChatGPT to follow. Just be aware that the more rules you throw in, the wonkier the gameplay may become​1​.

13. Debug code and learn programming concepts

coding - weirdest ways to use ChatGPT

While we wouldn’t recommend relying on ChatGPT to write your entire codebase (unless you’re a fan of heart palpitations), it’s proved quite handy in debugging and learning new programming concepts. You can throw your code at ChatGPT, ask it to identify errors and even request examples of specific programming concepts. As How to Geek suggests, just remember to always check its answers, as you would with any code – AI-generated or not​. Ok, this isn’t necessarily the weirdest ways people use ChatGPT, but it’s maybe the smartest? Unless of course, ChatGPT gets it wrong!

Read on to see whether or not you could also use ChatGPT to write university essays and assignments! Just don’t let any of your lecturers see you click on the link!

14. Rewriting the ending of The Matrix

weirdest ways people use ChatGPT

People love to ask ChatGPT to random things, as evident in the weird ways to use the AI platform. But the irony is that lots of people have been asking it to rewrite the end of The Matrix- as if Neo didn’t reject The Architect but instead rebooted the Matrix. Interesting thoughts.

15. Writing a new version of the song “It’s Raining Men” but about octopuses

Not really sure how to explain this one. I mean, it sort of falls in line with the whole raining animals thing (i.e. it’s raining cats and dogs), but why octopi? However – oddly enough – it has happened. Check out the article describing when an octopus and starfish fell from the sky! Now you’ve seen everything.

16. Career planner

So apparently your dreams, passions and personality are computed to create the perfect job role for you. We’re curious to know if anyone has actually followed the life advice of an AI platform and how that turned out!

These 16 weirdest ways people use ChatGPT are no doubt strange, but they do the potential for the AI platform to be just about anything. From creating poetry to decoding alien signals, ChatGPT is no doubt part of the future of technology. We’re definitely curious to see what weird ways it will be used next!