In 2009, a set of twins named John and Edward auditioned for The X Factor. These twins, who went by the stage name Jedward, came sixth overall in the singing competition. Now, fast forward 12 years, and everyone can’t help but wonder what happened to Jedward and what they are doing now they are 29-years-old in 2021. The answer is: they’ve been releasing music, appearing on TV, and gaining a large following on Twitter.

They Have Released Music

Surprisingly, Jedward are still releasing music 12 years after their The X Factor stint. Within the past eight months, three new songs have been uploaded to their YouTube channel, JedwardVevo. The most recent song is titled Teenage Runaway. These singles are the duo’s first musical releases since their 2019 album, ‘Voice Of A Rebel’. It is unknown whether they have a new album on the way.

They Have Appeared On Reality TV

Jedward’s first reality TV appearance following The X Factor was Celebrity Big Brother in 2011, in which they finished third place. They went on the show again in 2017. This time, it was titled Celebrity Big Brother: All-Stars vs. New Stars. They ended up doing even better than the first time round, reaching the final and coming second in the competition. Most recently, they went on Celebrity Coach Trip in 2019. This was by far their least successful reality TV experience, as they were only on the coach for three days before getting eliminated.

They Are Very Active On Twitter

As well as frequently direct messaging fans on Twitter, Jedward also tweet consistently from their account, @planetjedward. They tweet about their music, and they even engage in political commentary. They aren’t afraid to voice their opinions, or stand up for what they believe in. This has led them to gain a large following of 647.5k on the social media site.

They Engage In Charity Work

Jedward shaved their infamous quiffs on The Late Late Show in order to raise money for the Irish Cancer Society. The charity means a lot to them since their mother died of leukaemia in February 2019 after five years of treatment. She passed whilst her twin sons held her hands, listening to her favourite Fleetwood Mac tunes. Overall, they managed to raise an impressive £2.5 million for the charity.

They Have Been On Eurovision

Jedward represented Ireland in Eurovision in 2011 and 2012, coming 8th in 2011, and 19th in 2020. At the beginning of 2021, they tweeted that they had submitted songs for this years Eurovision, but it appears that they were unsuccessful since Lesley Roy will be representing Ireland in 2021’s competition.

They Are Good Friends With Tara Reid

The twins formed an unlikely friendship with the 44-year-old American Pie actress during their time on Celebrity Big Brother in 2011. Previously, she has travelled to Ireland to live with them for a couple of months. In 2020, they decided to lockdown together during the pandemic in Tara’s Los Angeles home. She stated that the twins made quarantine a lot easier for her, describing living with them as a “hoot”.

They Are Very Private About Their Love Lives

Jedward have admitted that they’ve both had relationships since their rise to fame, but they prefer to keep their partners out of the public eye. However, in 2017, Edward did reveal that he was dating a Swedish girl named Sabrina, but it is believed that both of the twins are single as of March 2021.