As the name suggests, Freshers’ Flu is a British name commonly given to illnesses contracted by new students during the first few weeks at a University or College. Whilst it isn’t life-threatening, the flu can certainly be inconvenient, especially during your first few weeks when you will be flying around socialising. If you want to understand a little bit more about the flu, the various symptoms and some ways you can cure it so that you can prepare yourself, this is the article for you!

What causes freshers flu?

freshers flu
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Interestingly, the ‘flu’ isn’t actually a flu but more like a bad cold. The illness accumulates from a mixture of a physical and psychological factors which challenge your immune system. Some of those factors include lack of sleep, eating poor foods, alcohol consumption, mingling and stress, all of which are unavoidable at the start of term, unfortunately.

Some of the symptoms you should look out for:

1. Shivering

freshers flu
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If you find yourself wrapping your duvet a little bit tighter around your body or snuggling up to the radiator, maybe you have caught the shivers. This is a common symptom of freshers’ flu.

2. Fever 

freshers flu

As expected, if you feel hot and sticky, this may also be a symptom. As a precaution, it may be worth booking a COVID test (just in case).

3. Dry Cough

freshers flu

Again, not the best symptom given the current pandemic but one you should look out for nonetheless. If you find it is persistent, take the precaution to self-isolate, just for peace of mind.

4. Sneezing

Are you constantly snivelling into a tissue? Maybe this is another sign of freshers’ flu.

5. Headache

Have you just gotten ready to head out? All glammed up, and then a piercing headache grips you? Arguably the worst thing to get before a night out, if you find yourself with a headache, this may also be an indication you have contracted the illness.

6. Grogginess

fresfhers flu
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It may be hard to separate the usual hungover grogginess from freshers’ flu grogginess, but it is something to be on the look-out for nonetheless.

What can you do to cure the flu?

We have made a shortlist of things that may be useful to cure freshers’ flu or at least speed up the process.

1. Eat healthily

freshers flu

Regular fixes of fruit and veg may do the trick. It may be tempting to buy take outs every night, but this may make the situation worse.

2. Drink lots of water

freshers flu

Ensure you are keeping hydrated, flushing out all those bad toxins!

3. Take paracetamol

freshers flu

If you are in pain or just complete discomfort, paracetamol can alleviate that for a little while.

4. Dose up on Soothers

freshers flu
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Soothers are a godsend when your throat is dry. So stock up, and get through them. You’ll thank us.

5. Eat lots of garlic

freshers flu
SOurce: Web MD

Yep, you can get that garlic bread in the oven! Garlic has lots of medical properties, it is anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic.

6. Get an early night

freshers flu
Source: Sharp Healthcare

Your friends may be out clubbing, but it’s probably best if you stay in, get tucked up and sleep your flu away.

Overall, remember not to worry if you get Freshers’ Flu, we’ve all been there. Just rest up and let it pass, and then you can get right back out there partying! It might also be worth checking whether it’s Freshers’ Flu or Covid too!

Last Updated on August 26, 2023