TikTok has so many interesting and bizarre trends, and the latest moon phase one is another on the list. It’s all about romance and soul mates based on lunar sightings. Read on to find out what the moon phase trend is and where did it come from. You can also find out how to do it for yourself and see whether you and your partner are destined to be according to TikTok’s moon phase trend!

What actually is the moon phase trend on TikTok?

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The phase of the moon on the day of your birth may hold the key to your soulmate, according to a popular trend on TikTok. The trend involves sliding the respective birth phases of the moon together to create a complete moon. If the moons match up, the two individuals are deemed to be soulmates and can film themselves going through the process and uploading the results to the social media app.

Where did the moon phase trend come from?

The moon has long been associated with romance and love, and this trend is reminiscent of astrology. Astrology suggests that the positions of stars, planets, and the moon can influence a person’s character and even determine the course of events. It’s unclear how the latest moon phase soulmate trend began, but it was through TikTok users!

Is the moon phase trend real? 

moon phase TikTok trend what is it

Most people probably won’t believe the moon phase trend actually determines whether you and your partner are soul mates. But there are fundamental flaws in the whole design. First of all the moon only has eight phases: new moon, waxing crescent, first quarter, waxing gibbous, full moon, waning gibbous, third quarter, and waning crescent. This means that if birth phase is the only selection criteria for determining soulmates, there should only be eight categories of people. However, the moon phase soulmate technique only has four possible combinations to make a “whole moon”: new moon and full moon, third quarter moon and first quarter moon. It therefore misses out on the four other possible moon phases.

Furthermore, with an estimated 8 billion people in the world, if one category is only compatible with one other category, each person should have around a billion possible “soulmates.” This raises questions about the need for an app to track down a soulmate in the first place. It’s surely easy enough to go to a bar and select four potential partners and one of them, statistically according to the moon phase trend, should be your soulmate.

Moreover, the technique is unreliable due to the fact that which side of the moon a person sees illuminated during moon phases depends on which side of Earth they are on. For example, for two people born on opposite sides of the world, two first-quarter moons should be a match and two third-quarter moons should be a match.

Reiterating their view, NASA spoke out on tumbler about the difference between astrology and astronomy, which seems to further blast the truth of the moon phase trend.

“Astronomy is the scientific study of everything in outer space. Astronomers and other scientists know that stars many light-years away have no effect on the ordinary activities of humans on Earth.

Astrology, meanwhile, is something else. It’s the belief that the positions of stars and planets can influence human events. It’s not considered a science.” NASA

Why is is so popular?

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Despite these shortcomings, there are many stories on TikTok from loved-up moon soulmates implying that the trend is working. However, this may be because happy couples that happen to get a “matching moon” are more likely to post a successful result, whereas people unhappy with their result may simply dismiss it and get on with their day.

The moon phase trend is also similar to astrology matching, which uses our sun signs. Most people find the horoscopes associated with star signs entertaining, even if they do not take them seriously. You might find that ‘coincidentally’, you’re like the star sign you’re ascribed to and enjoy reading about personality traits and behaviours. The moon phase trend is arguably similar; not something people are likely to believe but an interesting and entertaining trend anyway.

How to do the moon phase trend on TikTok?

moon phase trend TikTok - how did it start how to do it
Source: Moonphases.co.uk
Although there may not be too much truth to it all, it’s always worth a try. So here’s how you can do the moon phase TikTok trend for yourself:
  1. Download the CapCut editing app.
  2. Search for the #moonphase template on the app.
  3. Determine the phase of the moon on the day they were born and the day their partner was born, using Moon Phases website.
  4. Download the moon phase images and select them in CapCut. The template automatically superimposes the two images.
  5. Enter yours and your partner’s date of birth in the “text” editing bar.
  6. Tap “Add sound on TikTok” to save and export the video to TikTok.
  7. Decide whether you’re destined to be or break up!