There is nothing more entertaining than falling down the rabbit hole of Twitter rants and Twitter memes. Hours can fly by without you realising. Memes have become a strong part of popular culture and are deemed to be the new ways of expression for most young adults. One twitter meme, however, dominated our social media networks, and nobody understood its origins. Have you heard of the blinking woman meme?

The blinking woman meme is used to make fun of the daily lies we tell ourselves: the things we say we will do and never actually do in the end.

winking woman meme
Source: Ruin My Week

Here’s what you need to know about the winking women meme.

So this is where it comes from…

The origin of this meme comes from the Marvel studios production show called WandaVision. The blinking woman is Agnes Harness (who you have seen on your screen previously many times) who is played by Kathryn Hann in the show. This particular scene of Hann winking is from a scene in the third episode of the Disney+ show.

Since the release of the trailer clip, the scene has been viewed over a million times, giving society plenty of time to come up with a joke out of it.

What’s the meme used for?

The meme’s use is pretty simple: “to express the daily lies we tell ourselves or others”.

For example, “me telling myself I will go to bed early tonight” or “me promising my computer I will update everything tomorrow”. The popularity of the meme is obvious, as we can all actually relate to the content it presents. We all engage in the fun of having all these unfulfilled promises.

winking woman meme
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The meme has been pretty successful, and tons of different recreations have emerged on Twitter. According to KnowYourMeme, one of the biggest viral tweets contained the image of Agnes and was used as a reaction to the Bachelor around February 23rd of this year.

Where do I recognise Agnes Harkness from?

Agness Harkness – or Kathryn Hann, the actress – first appeared on our screen in the all-time favourite rom-com classic How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, where she starred alongside Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey.

Since then, she has portrayed characters in Parks and Recreation, Girls or We are the Millers earning a spot in our hearts.