Elections are stressful, we have to think, choose, and then worry about whether it was the right decision. But the one thing that makes it better, are the dogs at polling stations. So here are our top 20 dogs at polling stations from the 2021 local elections.

1. Rory is such a good boy. Only good boys wear dashing ties to vote.

dogs at polling stations
Source: BBC

2. This good gang were there to offer anyone moral support.

dogs at polling stations
Source: BBC

3. This good boy looks so excited for democracy

dogs at polling stations
Source: BBC

4. You’ve got to get really involved in local politics, and this guy knows it

dogs at polling stations
Source: BBC

5. Up and down the country, dogs went voting yesterday! Shout out to our Welsh Woofers!


6. 3 for the price of 1! Triple Whammy!

7. And strike a pose. This dog has got it down to a T.

8. All dogs need educating about democracy, and clearly, they’re interested…

9. This is a policy we can get behind.

10. We appear to have an imposter among us…

11. Too… sleepy… to… vote…


12. It’s okay, we’re nervous about the elections too


13. Sometimes, democracy comes before styling your hair


14. We don’t even have a funny caption for this big guy – just look at him


15. Everywhere is a runway if you look this good, hun