Everyone was eagerly awaiting the loosening of lockdown on May 17th, but what does your choice of activity say about you?

1. The Pub

You really missed the taste of a freshly pulled pint, and since lockdown lifted have run to the pub anytime you’ve got a text saying ‘Pint?’. Unfortunately, this has led to too many nights where you’re five pints down and don’t know how you got there. You’re probably a third or second-year student who doesn’t like paying too much for a pint and always ends up buying crisps or chips at your local in lieu of dinner.

may 17th

2. A bar for cocktails

If you went to bottomless brunch or for cocktails at Vodka Revolution or the Slug and Lettuce, we’re sorry but you might be a basic bitch. You couldn’t wait to post photos of your pornstar martini on Insta and take the mountain of clothes you bought in lockdown out for a spin.

may 17th

3. Your favourite cafe

You’re probably an English Lit student or a bit of a hipster with high standards when it comes to coffee. You couldn’t wait to snuggle in a cafe and enjoy some coffee and cake whilst you sit there imagining your life with the cute guy at the table opposite.

may 17th

4. Shopping

Maybe you were excited for the shops to open because you hate shopping online, or perhaps it was just because you became addicted to shopping during lockdown and can’t stop. Either way, you could be found in the mile-long queue for Primark at 8 am on May 17th.

may 17th

5. Date night with boo

You’ve been together forever, and everyone is jealous of your relationship. You planned months in advance to go to your favourite restaurant the night everything reopened. You post a photo of your boyfriend/girlfriend on Insta with the love heart emoji and enjoy smugly judging other couples.

6. Favourite restaurant

You were sick of ordering UberEats for the food to arrive cold so you booked a seat at your favourite place straight after lockdown easing was announced. You go all out, ordering a starter, main and pudding. After 3 or 4 glasses of wine, your trousers are almost popping open, but you don’t care, you’re just glad to not be eating out of styrofoam.

may 17th

Where will you go first when lockdown is eased even further on June 21st? The club? A festival? Concert? Whatever it is, let’s just hope it’s mask free.