Brad McClelland had quite an emotional rollercoaster in the villa, starting off coupled up with Faye, then being saved by Rachel who coupled up with him, before choosing to couple up with bombshell Lucinda. Brad’s Love Island journey came to an end, when he and Lucinda were voted as least compatible couple, and were forced to decide which one of them should be dumped from the island. Brad chivalrously chose to send himself home, leaving Lucinda in the villa to meet more people and further her career opportunities. This obviously raised questions about whether Lucinda’s intentions of finding love in the villa were true, given that she seemed heartbroken over Brad’s dumping for approximately 12 hours.

Love Island's Brad sister
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Positive outcomes

Being dumped from the island has come with a silver lining for Brad, 26, who revealed on Lorraine that he has found his long-lost sister through the show! Speaking to Ranvir Singh on the daytime show, Brad explained how he always knew he had a younger sister but had never managed to find or contact her despite previously searching on social media. After seeing him on T.V. Brad explains how his sister reached out to him and they facetimed a couple of days before his appearance on Lorraine. Brad explained to Ranvir how he plans to build on this newfound relationship with her going forward, showing that although Brad didn’t win the show, he won something much more special. They discuss how Brad ‘found love in a different way’, to how you’d expect to when entering into the villa, which according to Brad ‘means the world’ to him.

brad positive outcomes
Source: @brad_mcclell Instagram

What does this mean to Brad?

The girl who reached out to Brad is 15 years old, to which Ranvir points out, ‘now that she has a famous big brother she’ll be really cool at school’, making him giggle. The ex-islander goes on to explain how important family is to him, having come from a large family on his mum’s side, as well as living with his nan since the age of four. From such a short interview between Brad and Ranvir, you can tell just how much family means to him, as he finishes by saying, ‘you go on that show to find love in that way, but it’s not always guaranteed, but what is guaranteed obviously is what you had at home before you left’. In Brad’s case there’s also what he didn’t know he had at home before he left!

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