NatWest asked over 2,000 students up and down the country questions about their lives, costs and spending. One of the questions they were asked was how much they’d expect to pay for a pint in their city. So we’ve made a list of the cities with the cheapest pints for you to decide where to go on a night out!

16. Cambridge

In Cambridge, one pint in a bar is estimated to cost you a fiver. Yep, a whole £5. But that’s okay, because most Cambridge students borrow around £224 from their parents anyway, so no damage done!

15. Brighton

cities with the cheapest pints
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Not much cheaper, if you want a pint in sunny seaside city Brighton, you’ll have to fork up £4.60. No wonder Brightonians spend over the national average on alcohol… A pint on the beach sounds heavenly to us, can you blame them?

14. London

Unsurprisingly, London’s pints are up in the top 3, with a pint costing you approximately £4.50. Yet somehow, London doesn’t make the list on the most alcoholic city, spending less than £30 on booze each month.

13. Oxford

In the prestigious Oxford, one pint will cost you £4.30. It’s really no wonder that Oxford students spend around £45 a month on their drink. That’s a whole 35% higher than the national average.

12. Bristol

Bristolians will only have to fork out just over 4 quid for a pint, with cost estimates at £4.10.

11. Edinburgh and Belfast

cities with the cheapest pints
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Edinburgh and Belfast are in joint eleventh place, with both cities offering up fresh foamy pints at £3.90. Although it doesn’t have to break your bank – just your parents’! After all, Edinburgh students borrow an average of £304 from their parents each month.

10. Aberdeen

In Aberdeen, you can get your mitts on a pint for only £3.80. So no wonder Aberdeen is in the top 3 when it comes to borrowing from parents. You’ve got to be able to afford the drinks somehow.

9. Birmingham and Exeter

In Birmingham and Exeter, a pint will only cost you £3.70. Still not cheap though. Especially when both cities are hard partiers! We wouldn’t fancy a whole night out on £3.70 pints… Our poor banks!

8. Southampton, Glasgow, and Manchester

In joint eighth place, Southampton, Glasgow and Manchester offer pints for £3.60. Compared to other prices on this list, £3.60 seems okay. Although we still think we’d opt for IKEA meatballs and a coke over too many pints in Southampton.

7. Leeds, Cardiff, York, Portsmouth, Canterbury, and Coventry

cities with the cheapest pints
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Leeds, Cardiff, York, Portsmouth, Canterbury and Coventry all offer their pints at a reasonable £3.50. Nothing to write home about, but cheap enough for a student budget. It doesn’t seem to put Leeds, Portsmouth, Coventry or Cardiff students off though – with all of them being hardcore party cities! 

6. Leicester, Norwich, and Poole

In smaller cities like Leicester, Norwich and Poole, a pint is only £3.40. Quite pricey for smaller locations, we don’t blame the students for not going out all that much. Especially with Poole having one of the highest student rents, too!

5. Liverpool

Surprisingly, Liverpool’s pints are quite cheap, only £3.30. No wonder the north is known for those wild nights out! This price definitely puts Liverpool on the list for our next pub crawl.

4. Sheffield, Nottingham, and Newcastle

The midlands and the north are standing strong, with a pint only costing £3.20. No wonder they’re all known for their drinking and partying. £3.20 is a price we’d take advantage of too!

3. Plymouth

cities with the cheapest pints
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Next up on our list of UK cities with the cheapest pints is Plymouth. A pint by the sea, only £3.10! Good views, great city, and cheap as chips drinks. Honestly, we think Plymouth is underrated.

2. Swansea

A nice Welsh pint. Enjoyed best in a traditional Welsh pub. Only £2.90. No wonder Swansea is renowned for its partying tendencies! We’d love to go and enjoy some pints for only £2.90.

1. Durham

Durham, despite its fancy appearance, is the number 1  in our list of cities with the cheapest pints. Here, you can get a pint for only £2.80! Maybe it isn’t as boring up there as we all think…

There you have it. If you want to travel and drink whilst you’re away, these are the best cities to get value for money. For the best deals, go during Freshers or on St. Patrick’s Day.