Going out can get expensive, particularly at the moment when everything costs so much! And knowing where does the cheapest pints is important – whether that’s for St Patricks, a Friday night or you know…just a Tuesday afternoon. But not all cities are created equal when it comes to pint prices. That’s why we’ve delved into the data from comparison site Finder, which combines data from Numbeo and Expatistan, to find which cities in the UK have the cheapest pints!

20. Ipswich – £4.00

cheapest cities for a pint uk

Starting off our list of the cheapest cities in the UK for a pint is Ipswich – a town located in the southeast of England. It’s known for its maritime heritage, museums, and parks. Here you can enjoy a pint for just £4.00 in one of its many pubs and bars, making it a great destination for those looking for affordable beer.

19. Exeter – £4.00

In joint position of the UK’s cheapest cities for a pint is Exeter, where it will also cost you £4.00. Exeter is a city located in the southwest of England. It’s known for its historic cathedral, university, and beautiful countryside. Here you can enjoy a pint for just £4.00 in one of its many pubs and bars, which range from traditional to modern.

18. Reading – £3.99

university of reading
Source: University of Reading

Located in the south of England, Reading is a town known for its rich history and beautiful parks. Here you can enjoy a pint for £3.99, just a penny under the top of our list. Reading is a city home to many pubs and bars, but they aren’t necessarily the cheapest places to grab a pint.

17. Southend-on-Sea – £3.91


Southend-on-Sea is a seaside resort town located in the southeast of England. It’s known for its beaches, pier, and amusement park, but not for being one of the cities with the cheapest pints in the UK. Here you can enjoy a pint for £3.91 in one of its many bars and pubs. Although it’s in 17th position, it’s still among the cheapest looking at the UK as a whole.

16. Newcastle upon Tyne – £3.88


Over to the northeast of England, Newcastle upon Tyne is a city known for its lively nightlife and great beer scene. Here you can enjoy a pint for just £3.88, making nights out a little more affordable. No wonder there’s so much partying going on!

15. Plymouth – £3.84


From the famous Plymouth Hoe to the Barbican, a night out in Plymouth is not complete without a pint in hand. Plymouth is home to a range of other establishments, including microbreweries, cocktail bars, and gastropubs. From the traditional to the modern, there’s a pub in Plymouth to suit every taste – and budget. Coming in 15th place of the cheapest cities in the UK for a pint, Plymouth offers a pint of beer for £3.84

14. Leeds – £3.79

leeds cities with the cheapest pints

Leeds is not only a great destination for its thriving cultural scene, historic architecture, and lively nightlife, but also for its affordable beer prices. With pints as low as £3.79, Leeds is one of the cheapest cities in the UK to enjoy a drink. Another great way to save money on drinks in Leeds is by taking advantage of the city’s happy hour specials. Many bars and pubs offer discounted drinks during specific hours of the day, allowing students to enjoy a cheap pint without sacrificing quality or atmosphere.

13. Coventry – £3.78

coventry cheapest city for a pint UK

There’s only a penny difference between Leeds and Coventry, but you know the saying! Every penny counts! That’s why Coventry is making it to 13th position in our list of cheapest cities in the UK for a pint. At £3.78 for a pint, it’s nothing to write home about, but cheap enough for a student budget. It doesn’t seem to put Leeds and Coventry students off though – with all of them being hardcore party cities! 

12. Northampton – £3.74

northampton cities with the cheapest pints

In the heart of England, Northampton offers pints for just £3.74. Northampton is a relatively small city, with a lower cost of living compared to other larger UK cities. This means that pubs and bars are able to keep their prices low to attract customers. There’s also a lot of students living there, so you know it’s gotta be cheap to keep to their budget.

11. Aberystwyth – £3.70

Aberystwyth cheapest uk cities for a pint

Located on the west coast of Wales, Aberystwyth offers pints for just £3.70. This charming seaside town has a number of pubs and bars to explore. It’s also one of the just two Welsh cities to make the list of the cheapest places in the UK for a pint!

10.  Preston – £3.69


Next is northern city Preston, known for being a historic market town. Preston is a pretty good university town, with lots of students choosing to head to Lancashire over Manchester. Now maybe we know why, with pints costing £3.69, Preston is officially in the top 10 cheapest cities in the UK for one!

9. Aberdeen – £3.67

cities with the cheapest pints
Source: Dusk

Aberdeen is just a little cheaper than Preston, but the places are pretty different. The Scottish city is still famed for being good for student life too, according to the uni. And with pints at just £3.67, we’d say that’s a pretty good life too! Aberdeen is also in the top 3 when it comes to borrowing from parents – you’ve got to be able to afford the drinks somehow.

8. Swansea – £3.65

cities with the cheapest pints Swansea

Eighth in our list of the cheapest cities for a pint in the UK, Swansea is the cheapest Welsh city overall. You can grab a pint along the southern Welsh coastline for £3.65, 5p cheaper than Aberystwyth. 5p might not sound a lot, but it all adds up.

7. Leicester – £3.63

Leicester cities with the cheapest pints

In smaller cities like Leicester, the cost of a pint is £3.63. Leicester is known for many things like the biggest crisp factory in the world, the biggest Diwali celebrations and winning the premier league that one time! But now it’s also known for being the 7th cheapest city for a pint in the UK. Some interesting claims to fame there!

6. Peterborough – £3.50

cities with the cheapest pints Peterborough

Peterborough is the happiest place to live in Cambridgeshire, according to The Office for National Statistics’ ‘Personal well-being in the UK’. With just £3.50 a pint, this makes total sense! Falling just outside of the top 5 cheapest cities, Peterborough is a great place to grab a pint and be merry!

5. Gloucester – £3.50

University of Gloucestershire
Source: University of Gloucestershire

Sharing the same pint price as Peterborough, Gloucester is famous for more than cheese! It’s just £3.50 to head to the pub for a pint, making nights out that much more affordable for students. Gloucester is also surrounded by countryside, so cosy pubs are round every corner.

4. Perth – £3.46


It’s one of the most attractive and affordable cities in Scotland, so it makes sense to rank among the cheapest cities in our list. Perth can serve you a pint for £3.46, so we would agree to it’s claim as being a cheap place to live.

3. Kingston upon Hull – £3.32

cheapest pints

At just £3.32 a pint, you can go out for a tenner in Kingston upon Hull easily. It would get you three pints, making it the second (well third place) cheapest city for one in the UK. It’s a good job too – there’s not much else Hull is famous for apart from starting the English Civil War.

1. Derby and Inverness – £3.00 

The cheapest cities in the UK for a pint are Derby and Inverness
Source: Katelyn Smith and Canva

Topping the list is Derby and Inverness, sharing the number one position. They are both the cheapest cities for a pint in the UK, with pints costing just £3.00. Compared with Hull, it’s quite a big difference drop in price if you’re drinking quite a few or regularly. If you want to travel and drink whilst you’re away, these are the best cities to get value for money.

Last Updated on March 21, 2024