While uni is probably the most fun three years you can possibly have, when everything begins to wind down you’ll need to get yourself one of those job things.

And that’s not always easy, regardless of where your uni ranks in the university league tables. To freak you out even more, the QS World University Rankings 2019 have been released, and they feature a ranking of each university based on employer reputation.

Here are the top 25 unis in the UK which are looked upon most favourably by employers. Read on at your peril…

25. University of Southampton

24. Cardiff University

23. University of Strathclyde

22. Newcastle University

21. University of Glasgow

20. Loughborough University

19. University of Sheffield

18. University of Exeter

17. Oxford Brookes University

16. University of Bath

15. University of Leeds

14. University of Nottingham

13. University of Birmingham

12. King’s College London

11. University of Bristol

10. University of Edinburgh

9. Durham University

8. University of Warwick

7. University of Manchester

6. University College London

5. London Business School

4. Imperial College London

3. London School of Economics

2. University of Oxford

1. University of Cambridge