For anyone looking at going vegan, or just wondering what other alternatives are out there, we tried all the best vegan alternatives so that you don’t have to! Read on to learn what is worth the cash, and what’s worth putting in the trash! If you’re interested in vegetarian alternatives, we tried those too! 

1. Tofurky Sausages

vegan alternatives sausages
Source: Plantini

These Polish style sausages look a little odd, but they have a peppery taste to them that goes perfectly will potatoes, red cabbage, or sauerkraut. Or, just pop it in a bun and off you go!

You can buy these at Sainsbury’s for £3.00. 

2. Linda McCartney Vegetarian Shredded Duck 

vegan alternatives duck
Source: Linda McCartney

Chinese food is delicious, but when you’re veggie or vegan it can be hard to find things to have. This Linda McCartney shredded hoisin duck brings all the Chinese takeaway flavours to your oven, and even gets the texture spot on.

You can buy this at Tesco for £2.20. 

3. Linda McCartney Red Onion and Rosemary Sausages 

vegan alternatives sausages
Source: Linda McCartney

Linda really isn’t letting us down with the vegan range! They’re rich in flavour and very tasty, with a great texture to them too. Best served in a casserole or with a sauce, as they’re a touch drier than normal sausages.

You can buy these at Tesco for £2.20 

4. Sainsbury’s Vegetarian Meatballs 

vegan alternatives meatballs
Source: Sainsbury’s

These seasoned vegan meatballs are made with soya protein and onion, and have the meatiest non-meat texture we’ve experienced! If you fancy a proper Italian meal, but without the meat, these are ideal. We also tried them in an Italian sub, and it was perfect.

You can buy these at Sainsbury’s for £1.75 

5.  Chicago Town Vegan Crust Pizza BBQ Jackfruit 

vegan alternatives pizza
Source: Dr Oetker

Chicago Town is well known for their gorgeous fakeaway pizzas, with good amounts of cheese, soft dough and brilliant flavour. Their vegan pizza is no different. With a sticky BBQ jackfruit topping and a tomato stuffed crust, it’s delightful!

You can buy this at Tesco for £3.50

6. Naked Glory Vegan Sausages

vegan alternatives sausages
Source: Naked Glory

Naked Glory isn’t just a funny name, they’ve got some smashing products. Their vegan sausages live up to the brand’s motto: ‘free of meat, full of taste’. They’ve got a great texture, and an even better taste.

You can buy these at Tesco for £2.25

7. Richmond Meat Free Vegan Sausages 

vegan alternatives sausages
Source: Talking Retail

These featured on our veggie list too. They’re the best alternative we have found when it comes to wanting a proper sausage. These are the ideal option when you want that really tasty, English food – like a fry up.

You can buy these at Sainsbury’s for £2.25

8. Quorn Hot and Spicy Burgers 

vegan alternatives burgers
Source: Quorn

Quorn is a well-known player in the plant-based game. Their hot and spicy burgers do the name credit, with a spicy breadcrumb on the mycoprotein burgers coming together to form a deliciously spicy burger.

You can buy these at Sainsbury’s for £2.50 

9. Sainsbury’s Rich Vegan Deli-Style Coleslaw 

vegan alternatives coleslaw
Source: Sainsbury’s

Coleslaw is one of the biggest things that you can’t find when you go vegan, but the Plant Pioneers collection in Sainsbury’s has managed to answer our prayers! This deli-style coleslaw is creamy, light, and very tasty.

You can buy this at Sainsbury’s for £1.20. 

10. Judes’ Low Cal Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream 

vegan alternatives uce cream
Source: LiveKindly

Vegan ice cream is always hit and miss, but Jude’s have made a perfect pot with their low cal chocolate ice cream. Deliciously creamy, tasty, and most importantly – chocolatey. Plus, it’s great if you’re on a health kick!

You can buy this at Sainsbury’s for £4.50 

11. Gu Free From Chocolate & Vanilla Cheesecake 

vegan alternatives cheesecake
Source: Vegan Food and Living

These little free from puds are perfect for anyone who fancies a sweet addition to their day. They’re lovely and flavoursome but without any of the dairy! What more could we ask for, really?

YOu can buy these at Sainsbury’s for £3.50 

12. Pukka Vegan Minced Steak & Onion Pie 

vegan alternatives pukka pie
SourcEe Vegan Food and Living

Such a solid British staple – the Pukka Pie. Pukka have now released 2 vegan options to their range, and this one is delectable! Minced steak and onion, this tasty pie has minced soy protein in it with a rich onion gravy. Perfect for a cheeky Sunday dinner or with some thick cut chips!

You can buy this at Sainsbury’s for £1.75 

13. Plant Pioneers No Duck Spring Roll 

vegan alternatives spring rolls
Source: Sainsbury’s

We won’t lie, we paired these with the Linda McCartney duck. They just go so well! These are crispy, tasty, and the filling is very enjoyable. They’re filled with jackfruit, carrots, beansprouts and water chestnuts all soaked in a lovely plum sauce.

You can buy these at Sainsbury’s for £2.25

14. No Porkies Meat Free Sausage Rolls 

vegan alternatives sausage rolls
Source: The Mirror

We all love a warm sausage roll! Flaky, crisp pastry, with tasty meat filling – they’re perfect. And these No Porkies Meat Free Sausage Rolls are just as good. With a tasty, herby fake sausage, and some gorgeously flaky pastry, they really are the next best thing!

You can buy these at Iceland for £2

15. Quorn Roarsome Dinosaurs 

vegan alternatives quorn nuggets
Source: Quorn

We’re all kids at heart, and these had to be included on the list. Relatively new, these Roarsomes are the fun take on the beloved Quorn chicken nuggets. Tasty nuggets that we’ve all been obsessed with, but in the shape of dinos. Yes please!

You can buy these at Iceland for £2.