It is a truth universally acknowledged, that job interviews are pretty much the most stressful experiences it’s possible to have as a human being.

We all know the feeling of sweating it out in the run up to an interview, frantically going over our notes on the company, our competency question answers and trying to think of a way in which we’re actually, y’know, useful to anyone.

And while we’ve all made nervous blunders or blurted out stupid answers during an interview, it’s unlikely we ever actually do anything really stupid.

These guys, though, are a different story. Check out our collection of the 11 biggest job interview fails.

Denying their phone is ringing

According to, one interviewee denied to his interviewers that his phone was ringing in his pocket – even though everyone could clearly hear it. What did they hope to achieve with this?!

Admitting to being a kleptomaniac

Forbes tell a story of one interviewee who explained they had to quit their previous job as a banker due to their constant temptation to steal. I suppose honesty is always good…

Downing a beer before the interview

One HR worker told Reader’s Digest about one candidate they saw throwing a beer in the bin in full view of their interviewers before heading on in for the interview. Let’s hope they were at least relaxed.

Throwing up in the middle of an interview

One jobseeker confessed to Reed that they couldn’t quite keep their lunch down while trying to impress their interviewers. When friends told them ‘don’t worry, you’ll be sick!’ maybe they misunderstood…

Eating a pizza during the interview

Career Builder were told about one candidate eating a pizza that they’d brought with them into the interview. And they didn’t even share. We’re not sure which is the bigger crime.

Stealing all of the interviewee’s sweets

According to CBS News, one interviewee stole all of the sweets from the sweet bowl in the interviewer’s office, and then poured them all into her pocket!

Calling in and faking a sickie to your current boss

Forbes report one story of an interviewee doing this during their interview. At least they showed good acting skills, right?

Sending in someone else to do the interview

Robert Half Technology had one candidate who sent their sister in to do the interview in their place. A classic fake-out move, we like it.

Burping in the middle of an answer

Recruiting Times were told by Reed that one interviewee let out a belch while they were talking. Pardon them.

Singing along to a song playing refer to one candidate who got a bit distracted by the radio in the office, and began to sing along to what they heard. At least they showed they had interests outside of work, right?

Hugging the interviewer

One HR professional told Reader’s Digest how one interviewee got a bit too friendly with their interviewer, going so far as to hug them after the process was done…