With the Covid-19 vexation raising its head once again as we approach the autumn/winter months, the Government has revealed a brand new 3 tier approach to curtail the rate of infection. In the months of summer, there was a brief period of success where the R-number fell significantly. This was due to a combination of factors, including the major lockdown restrictions that were in play for more than four weeks. However, during this period, the UK economy faced severe consequences with the value of the pound falling significantly in comparison with currencies of the world. Consequently, due to the strict restrictions, the rate of mental and physical illness significantly rose as well.

In response to these issues, the UK Government re-opened the country and its businesses to save its people and the economy. However, this has now led to some of the highest rates of infection in the world, second only to the USA. Due to this exponential rise in cases in the first weeks of October, the British Government introduced standardised three-tier coronavirus restrictions that are now in effect across the UK.

Tier One

These will be the baseline minimum restriction. (Fewer than 100 cases for 100,000 population)

  • Dining out at restaurants and pubs limited to groups of six or less. So at least you can still enjoy a pint.
  • Feeling like doing a spot of travelling? Go for it, as travel restrictions are not in place yet
  • Libraries and gyms can remain open. However, social distancing rules apply. But you can still get on with your reading or hit the gym.
  • Movies and live shows will still be held but they will abide by social distancing rules of course and people will have to remain in groups of six as previously mentioned
  • Live gigs can still go ahead; of course, social distancing rules must be followed.

Tier Two

These will come into play if the rate of infection cannot be controlled by the rules applied in Tier One. (Cases above 100 for 100,000)

  • Dining out will be temporarily halted, but groups of six from the same household can still meet in open spaces to enjoy a day out or a couple of drinks.
  • Travelling takes on a whole new meaning as you find yourself travelling to work, the shops or hospitality venues (the ones that are still open).
  • Gyms and libraries will not be affected under Tier Two restrictions, so keep calm and carry on.
  • Cinemas will still be open. However, you will have to be on your own if you choose to watch a film.
  • Live gigs will be a unique experience where you will be seated in your group of six at a table, and if you do get up without a mask, you might just get thrown out.

Tier Three

These will then come into use if the Government deems it unsafe and the virus cannot be controlled through the restrictions in place as part of Tier Two. (Significantly higher rates of transmission)

  • All gatherings of people will be restricted.
  • Travelling outside of your area is deemed unsafe, but you can still go to work and the shops, so that’s a positive.
  • Gyms and libraries may be closed depending on local areas, so you’ve got to take your reading online or start googling those home workouts and pull out those unused dumbells.
  • Invest in Netflix or any other streaming platform because lockdown will most definitely be in place.
  • It’s all moved online, enjoy your favourite performances on the web.

How badly are you affected?

Bath: Tier One

Bristol: Tier One

Brighton: Tier One

Birmingham: Tier Two

Cardiff: Tier One

Coventry: Tier One

Edinburgh: Tier One

Glasgow: Tier One

Leeds: Tier Two

Leicester: Tier Two

Liverpool: Tier Three

London: Tier Two

Manchester: Tier Three

Newcastle: Tier Two

Nottingham: Tier Two

Sheffield: Tier Three

Oxford: Tier One

Southampton: Tier One

Swansea: Tier One