You’ve probably heard of Tik Tok houses by now, especially if you’re addicted to Tik Tok like we are, but do you actually know what they are and who lives there? Here is everything you need to know about Tik Tok houses!

What are they?

The idea is that a group of content creators for a specific platform will get to live in an extravagant house together to create popular and unique content. It’s sort of like a sleepover that never ends, or the modern-day version of ‘Friends’. Although, some of these houses seem more like luxurious mansions and resorts than simple dwellings, so no wonder they are also known as Hype Houses.

When did they start?

Content houses are not exactly a new thing, with there being hundreds of them all over the world, each dedicated to a specific platform, such as Youtube or Tik Tok. The first Tik Tok house in the UK was launched in early 2020, where six creators moved in before the lockdown in the hopes of going viral.

Who lives there?

Tik Tok Houses are home to popular Tik Toker’s that the house owner/brand feels will work well together. The number of people living in each house depends on various factors, including the size of the house and how many people the house owner/brand wants to live there.

By having a group of creators living together, it is hoped that all their separate audiences will merge into one gigantic fanbase, so it probably is the more, the merrier as long as everyone can hold their own. One thing that all the houses do have in common is that they are the home of the next generation, so don’t expect to see anyone over the age of 30 living there.

Who pays?

Although who pays depends on the house itself, it’s usually not the people that live there left to foot the bill. As more often than not, content creators will get to live in the house for free as long as they make a pre-determined amount of content regularly. This means that their agency or brand will be paying the bill. However, with Tik Tok house videos racking up millions of views, I doubt anyone will be left out of pocket.

How many houses are there?

Although its hard to say the total amount of Tik Tok houses, we can estimate that there are hundreds across the globe. However, nothing lasts forever so many houses may have closed or expanded; it’s almost impossible to keep track.

What’s the catch?

There doesn’t seem to be much of a catch, as the houses seem like a never-ending party. But the Tik Toker’s who live there are expected to make regular content, which could mean multiple videos every day. But with houses usually having six people or more, this may be more reasonable than you think, as they can bounce ideas off each other, and every person does not need to be in every video. However, the house owner/brand will notice if someone isn’t pulling their weight. Most houses also work with brands to promote products in their videos, such as makeup, music, or food.