With Season 2 ending in a dramatic reunion with lots of tea, the stars of Love is Blind have been all over our social media. From Kyle and Deepti’s newfound friendship/relationship to the longer-lasting relationships of season one (we’re looking at you, Lauren and Cameron), we’ve all been chatting about them. But what do the cast of Love is Blind do now?

Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton 


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One of the couples who said “I do” way back in season one, Lauren and Cameron were fan favourites from the get-go. They are definitely one of the biggest successes from the show and have continued to be fan favourites by starting their own YouTube channel. Alongside the YouTube channel, the pair both frequently share snaps of one another on their Instagram. Cameron is particularly sappy about his wife on Instagram.

When they appeared on the reunion special, “After the Altar”, the couple revealed that they were very definitely head-over-heels for one another and that they were thinking about starting a family.

Amber Pike and Matthew Barnett 


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When the show began, Matthew seemed to be interested in both Jessica Batten and Amber, but he eventually moved on from Jessica and focused his attention on Amber. The couple then progressed throughout the show, and said “I do” in the series finale. Amber and Matthew are still married today, despite having to overcome a few bumps in the road.

Regularly active on Instagram, they post pictures together and Amber shared a Year in Review to her account earlier this year, showing her and her husband’s memories together.

Giannina Milady Gibelli 

Giannina found love in the shape of one Damian Powers on the show, and they got as far as the altar. But when there, Damian said no to Giannina, and she stormed out. In the “After the Altar” episodes, viewers found out that the couple were still dating but that it showed no signs of developing into a marriage.

Since the show, Gibelli seems to have found love with Blake Hortsmann, from The Bachelorette. She hasn’t confirmed nor denied this, but her posts on Instagram have received warm comments from other stars from the show.

Damian Powers 


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Giannina’s ex-fiance, Damian Powers revealed himself to be very close with another reality show star in the “After the Altar” episodes. Viewers saw Powers go out for a meal with Francesca Farago from Too Hot To Handle, where he invited her to the reunion, in front of his supposed partner.

It appears that the two are still very close, although nothing is confirmed.

Jessica Batten 


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Jessica Batten was definitely not a fan favourite. She was slated online and off, both for feeding her dog wine and for her treatment of her partner on the show, Mark. The couple got engaged despite Jessica’s lingering feelings for Mark Cuevas. In the finale, the couple said no at the altar.

Now, Jessica is planning a wedding with her fiance, Benjamin McGrath.

Mark Cuevas 

Mark wasn’t in the “After the Altar” episode, leaving many fans wondering what it was he is up to now. But he was discussed, when Jessica Batten and Lauren Chamblin spoke about Cueva starting a family with Aubrey Rainey.

Mark and Aubrey have now welcomed their second son into the world, and seem to be living a happy family life.

Kelly Chase 


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Kelly Chase partnered up with Kenny Barnes on the show. They weren’t shown as much as some of the other couples, and they ended up breaking up at the altar. Since then, Kelly has been very active on Instagram, even mocking her appearance on the show in the lead up to season two. She recently opened up about going to therapy, and seems to be on a journey of self-healing.

Kenny Barnes 


Kenny was barely shown in season one and left the show fairly drama-free. He has since met someone and got engaged. He has posted several pictures of himself and his fiance, Alexandra Garrison, on Instagram – including one of them attending a wedding.

Diamond Jack 


Diamond Jack met Carlton Morton on the show, and they seemed pretty strong until the vacation. There, they had a very explosive breakup and despite apologising, the couple seemed to still have bad blood in “After the Altar”.

Diamond has since dated a guy called Rumeal, who appeared in “After the Altar”. But when that didn’t work, she moved on to dating apps.

Carlton Morton 

Carlton Morton love is blind
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Carlton spoke with Cameron Hamilton at the “After the Altar” about his and Diamond’s failed relationship. Other than that, he was relatively quiet. Since being on the show, he has deleted all of his social media accounts and has refused to speak on his time on the show.

Abhishek ‘Shake’ Chaterjee


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Despite posting pictures of him and Deepti as if they were still close friends or possibly even more, Shake appears to still be single, surprise surprise. He is working as a veterinarian still, and living in the same man-pad he had on the show.

Danielle Ruhl and Nick Thomspon 


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Danielle fell hard and fast for techy man Nick, and he felt the same way. Whilst it’s fair to say that the couple had a turbulent time on the show due to differences in communication styles, the pair said “I do” at the altar. They then openly discussed being in couple’s therapy at the reunion and spoke about what they’ve learnt about one another.

They now live together at Nick’s apartment, where Danielle is fighting to fit all of her belongings.

Deepti Vempati 

deepti love is blind
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After leaving Shake at the altar – and rightfully so – Deepti has consistently chosen herself. It seems that her, Kyle, Mallory and Natalie have made a tight-knit friendship, and there is speculation that Kyle and Deepti might be romantically involved. This makes sense considering Kyle confessed his love to her at the reunion episode!

Jarette Jones and Iyanna McNeely 


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Jarette and Iyanna tore fans, with nobody sure whether they believed that the couple would last or not, but it appears that they’re going strong! The couple are happily married, and JArette has recently started a new job, and is learning how to be husband. Iyanna is in the process of getting her doula certification and is loving married life.

Natalie Lee 


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Natalie fell for beefcake Shayne pretty quickly, despite him being interested in her and someone else. But they ended up together, with Shayne proposing and even staying loyal when his other interest came back on the scene in the third stage of the show. Yet, due to an explosive argument, the couple did not say “I do”.

They have since revealed that they’re on good terms, but very definitely not together. There are rumours that Natalie is dating a fellow Love is Blind star, though.

Shayne Jansen


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Natalie’s paramour Shayne has revealed since the show that he and Shaina are friends, but they are nothing more. He’s shown genuine remorse for the comments he made to his now ex-fiance, and appears to be working a little on himself.

Mallory Zapata 


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Mallory and Sal were also one of those couples that people couldn’t quite pinpoint. Whether that was because of Mal’s conversations with Jarette, or the couple’s little arguments here and there. Ultimately, at the altar, Sal turned Mallory down. Viewers are desperate to know what went on between the two, but Sal refuses to share.

Salvador Perez 


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Sal said no to Mallory at the altar, and despite dating for a while afterwards, he claims that what happened between the two of them was “karma”. He has since shared more details about some of the things that happened to him and Mallory on the show, but has remained relatively quiet about other aspects of his life.

Although, there are now rumours that Sal and Natalie are a couple. These have been denied by both parties.

Shaina Hurley 


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And finally in the news of the cast of Love is Blind: Shaina is now engaged.

Yes, you read that right. Shaina Hurley has recently announced her engagement to boyfriend Christos Lardarkis. Reports say the couple have been dating for a year, and he watched the drama of the show unfold and stood by her throughout it all.

So that’s what the Cast of Love is Blind are up to these days but what about some of our other favourite reality tv stars. Read on to see what the cast of Love Island 2021 are up to these days.