So, you’ve just spent your last couple of years at university, and now graduation has come around and you don’t know what to do. Well, here are our suggestions on what to do after you graduate university.

1. Go travelling

Take a gap year and explore the world

taking a gap year after graduation
Source: Complete University Guide

You’ve just spent a few years studying, working hard (and possibly playing hard too) and learning. Why not go and relax somewhere outside of the country for a while? You could just go on holiday, and then come back and carry on, or you could take it one step further and take a gap year.

Whilst a lot of people take gap years before university, it’s just as easy to take one after, it just depends on your finances. If you’ve got savings, then you can go away straight off the bat, otherwise, why not find a job for a few months over the summer, then take off come the autumn? Flights will be cheaper then, anyway! Or, if flying isn’t your style, consider interrailing or a road trip.

Travel and earn as you go

If you’ve got enough money for one trip, or a one-way ticket somewhere, take the plunge and go. But don’t just stay there, start earning on the move! With freelance work and remote-working becoming more and more popular, you could travel for a few months and fund yourself with working remotely. FlexJobs, LinkedIn and RemoteJobs are ideal for finding work like this, as well as Fiverr and Upwork!

2. Continue your studies

postgraduate degrees
Source: University of Sussex

Study a Master’s degree

If you loved your degree, or particularly want to keep studying, or maybe you’ve got a career in mind that means you need a postgraduate qualification, then why not study for a Master’s degree? This will give you an extra boost when it comes to finding work, and it can also lead you towards a PhD or a career in academia!

Get an apprenticeship

Or, if another degree doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, you could search for an apprenticeship to get you started in the field you’d like to work in. Apprenticeships can start at any level, so you could come out with an equivalent to a Master’s. Check out the companies that you admire in your dream field and see if any of them offer apprenticeships. You might be pleasantly surprised!

3. Search for work 

working after university
Source: Blue Arrow

Alternatively, if you just want to start paying back that loan and get your teeth stuck into the real world – then start looking for work! Check out some graduate schemes and perfect your LinkedIn, and search everywhere. Finding a graduate job is not easy, but if you look on all of the job websites and LinkedIn, you’re sure to find something.

Or, if you know where you’d like to work, or perhaps the kind of place you’d like to work, search them up specifically! If they’ve not got any vacancies advertised, email their HR department asking when or if they will be hiring soon. Your proactivity will work in your favour.

For more tips, read out guide on how to find a graduate job.

4. Start up a business

what to do after uni
Source: Forbes

Maybe you want to earn, but you also want to be your own boss. If you have somewhere you can live where you don’t need to worry about covering rent, or if you’ve got some money aside – then go for it. But it won’t be easy! So talk to anyone you know who has started their own business, watch TED talks and youtube videos, whatever you can do to learn the ins and outs of being an entrepreneur.

You can find some advice on Etsy businesses here, as well as some inspiration and ideas!