Going to uni is an exciting experience where you get to try lots of new things. Some of you may already be seasoned clubbers, but with corona ruining everyone’s plans in 2020, this may be your first time experiencing clubbing. Going out for the first few times and you’ll be faced with this important question; what to wear to a club? But don’t worry, we have you covered with this extensive list of the best outfits to wear clubbing.

Crop Tops

Ever heard of the classic combo jeans and a nice top? But what constitutes as a “nice top”? An easy way to go about this is a crop top; these can be styled with practically anything and are really great if you’re into Y2K fashion and have a pair of low-rise jeans lying around. They come in a range of style options, and you can find several that are suited to your style and that you feel most comfortable in. I normally opt for a black strappy top, which is my go-to when I have clothes thrown across my room, and five minutes left till pre-drinks start. However, there are many other options, including bright colours which go really well with black jeans.

Body Suits

Another staple in any wardrobe; bodysuits are great because they are really versatile, and they give a gorgeous and cohesive look to your whole outfit. They’re also great because they normally have lace on them which adds another dimension to your outfit. However, they can be a pain when going to the bathroom after a few drinks; what is a seemingly easy task of doing up a couple of poppers can feel impossible at a club.

Denim Skirts

This an essential must-have for anyone going clubbing; they can be paired really well with any crop top, and are perfect for when it gets hot and sweaty in the club. There are many different shades, styles and shapes, and can be found easily online, plus, you can buy one-off Depop or a charity shop if you want to avoid fast fashion.

Black Mini Skirt

Mini Skirt
Source: Nasty Gyal

Any well-seasoned clubber will know that a black mini skirt is a basic essential, considering how versatile it is. The colour black means that it will pair really nicely with any top you already own, and it will definitely make an outfit look stunning. Obviously, you can wear a skirt any length you like, but the great thing about a mini skirt is that you won’t overheat in the club, even if that means you have to bare with the freezing cold air outside during winter!


Now, you may be thinking; you just spent most of the article talking about how great skirts are because it gets so hot in the club, so why do I need a jacket? I’m not going to lie to you, sometimes taking a jacket to a club is more hassle than its worth. But if you are prone to getting cold, especially during the Autumn/Winter months, then taking a jacket may not be a bad idea. If you take a denim jacket, that is not only stylish and pairs well with your outfit. It is easy to wrap around your waist once you’re inside the club. Alternatively, if you would prefer something softer, taking a zipped hoodie is perfect… So really, it’s up to your preferences whether or not you want a jacket, but personally, I would freeze to death without it!

Shoes – trainers or heels?

Yes, I know how tempting it is to opt for heels on a night out; they look amazing with your outfit, and you think you can walk in them fine when drunk. If you’re one of those people that can somehow have a few drinks, and still can actually walk in your heels at the end of the night without breaking an ankle, then go ahead. However, if you’re like the rest of us, and the thought of wearing heels to a club just makes you cringe, then opt for trainers. Not only is this much more comfortable and easier to dance in, but you’re also less likely to break your ankle (or shoe for that matter). Also, no one ever tells you how disgusting the club floors really are. Covered in sticky substances and grime from the night, wearing shoes that you don’t mind getting wrecked really are the way to go, especially in student cities.

Last Updated on September 3, 2022