Taylor Swift is one of the biggest pop stars in the world, with over 240 million fans following her on Instagram. The singer is known for her personal lyrics that speak to legions of people who relate to them—and now, it seems like some fans are getting those lyrics permanently etched onto their skin. This trend has created a new category of tattoo: Taylor Swift inspired-tattoos. So what’s behind this phenomenon? Why do so many people want to wear their favourite Taylor songs on their bodies? Well, there are lots of reasons…

Taylor Swift loves (fake) tattoos herself

First of all, although Taylor Swift doesn’t have any tattoos yet, she does like to get temporary ink! From her lucky number 13 decorated with blue shimmery ink to lyrics to Dixie Chicks lyrics down her arm, Taylor Swift enjoys temporary tattoos. She’s yet to commit to anything permanent though – unlike many of her fans!


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Apart from mirroring Taylor Swift’s love for inking herself with temporary or fake tattoos, there’s likely several other reasons why fans are getting Swift-inspired tattoos themselves.

The lyrics are personal

When you buy a Taylor Swift song on iTunes, the lyrics are all there for you to read. But when someone gets a tattoo with the words “Love Story” inked into their skin, what does that mean?

It could be because they really like the meaning of those lyrics or simply because they like how they look (or even both). But either way, these fans are showing their love for Taylor Swift by getting tattoos inspired by her songs. Many of her songs are about self-worth, so they’re full of motivational lyrics – perfect tattoo inspiration! According to Psychology Today, the leading motivation for people to get tattoos is to do with personal meaning such as overcoming a struggle. This arguably explains it!

When people get tattoos as an expression of how they feel inside, what happens if their feelings change? Will they get another tattoo with different lyrics or just let it fade away into nothingness? It will be interesting to see what happens next!

They’re a sign of fan dedication

Swifties are a loyal fan base, according to sources. So maybe these Taylor Swift tattoos are not just an expression of fandom—they’re also a sign of fan dedication. Some people have multiple tattoos based on different songs or lyrics. But sometimes, it’s not about the song, and more about the artist! Taylor Swift fans are hardcore, so it’s likely that fans tattoos are a sign of their dedication to her.

Swifties love symbolism


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Taylor Swift herself is all about symbolism, evident in her music videos, lyrics and – tattoos! Think about her “Look What You Made Me Do” video, which featured Swift addressing all the false depictions of herself. Taylor Swift also features her favourite numbers everywhere, such as 89 and 91 that appear in “Ready for It”, and the ’13’ hand tattoo. Arguably, tattoos are by nature symbolic. We ink something to show we like or as a form of expression. Whether it’s an image, lyrics or design, it usually represents something and often in symbolic form. So, like Taylor Swift, fans inking themselves in tattoos linked to the singer are probably sharing the sentiment for symbolism.

Fans are getting inked with their favourite Taylor Swift tattoos for lots of reasons

Tattoos are personal, so are the reasons for getting one. So whether it’s fan dedication, the meaningful lyrics or some other reason, it’s clear that Taylor Swift-inspired tattoos are wide-reaching. As the clan of Swifties grow, it’s likely so will the number of tattoo artists getting familiar with her lyrics.

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