As we head into autumn, many of us are starting to think of a holiday to escape the cooler temperatures. It’s an ideal season with off peak prices, and pleasant weather in other countries. To help you decide where you want to head, we’ve gathered a list of places that are hot in October in Europe. 


This island has an average day temperature of 26.7 degrees Celsius. It is a stunning country with plenty of history to explore. There are beautiful monuments to visit, as well as stunning beaches. With something for everyone, it’s definitely worth a visit. 

Is cyprus hot in october?


One of the Canary Islands, this province hits an average of 26.8 degrees during October. It promises a delicious Spanish cuisine, as well as a variety of activities exploring the volcanic landscape and its tunnels and underground. Its gorgeous beaches are also mostly family friendly, as many are protected from waves and currents. 

Is lanzarote hot in october?


This city reaches an average of 22.4 degrees. It’s the perfect weather to be active in: not too hot nor too cold. Rome is the heart of rich history, from the Romans, to Christianity’s journey in the Vatican. There are plenty of places to visit and enjoy some days out in, plus Italian cuisine cannot be missed!

Is Rome hot in october?

The Algarve

Situated in the south of Portugal it has an average temperature of 23.2 degrees. Travel here to enjoy the Mediterranean climate and more sunshine than California gets in a year! This area boasts some high quality beaches with small coves and warm water, as well as beautiful stretches of sand. There is also a delicious variety of seafood to try.


One of the Dodecanese Islands in the Aegean Sea, it averages 26 degrees in October. This Greek isle is a great spot with rich history and beautiful beaches. It is also recommended for cyclists. If you aren’t one to get seasick, getting the ferry over from mainland Greece is definitely worth checking out for its stunning views.

Is Kos hot in October?

Gran Canaria

Another of the Canary Islands, this one reaches an average of 26.4 degrees in October. This isle has a stunning landscape that has been forged by volcanoes. This is a must visit for those who especially love to be active, with a bodyboarding showcase and a walking festival later in the month. 

Is Cran Canaria hot in summer?

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