Since Channel 4 released season six of Married at First Sight to all of us eager UK viewers, Sam Ball is a name you have probably heard come up a lot. Whether it be in the news or just in conversations with your friends. That’s because Sam is the series bad boy who seems to break all expectations of what a husband should be doing, like going on his honeymoon. Here is everything you need to know about Sam, including what he’s doing now, two years after the show was filmed.

Who is Sam Ball?

Sam Ball Home and Away
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Sam Ball is an Australian man who has appeared on our television screens more than once, as he was cast as an extra on one of Australia’s leading soap operas, ‘Home and Away’, as well as the Netflix drama ‘Secret City’. When Sam wasn’t acting, he was also a part-time model represented by Royalle Modelling.

What happened during his time on MAFS Australia?

Sam Ball and Elizabeth Sobinoff
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The sixth season of Married At First Sight Australia saw Sam paired with Elizabeth Sobinoff, but this was anything but the perfect match.  Sam got off to a bad start on the show for many reasons, the first being that he enraged the show’s viewers when he claimed that he has never dated a woman as ‘big’ as Elizabeth. However, it has since been revealed that Elizabeth and her bridesmaids called him ‘tubby’.

Despite a happy-ish wedding day, the next mistake was made when Sam left his new bride the morning after the wedding to attend his ex-girlfriend’s mothers funeral in New Zealand, instead of going with his wife on their honeymoon.

During his time away, which was an entire week, Sam did not contact Elizabeth, which may have been due to the shows rules rather than his own choice. This is rumoured to be because the producers don’t want the couples to contact each other when they are not together to ensure everything can be captured on camera.

Then just when you think things can’t get any worse, it turns out that he also had an affair with fellow contestant Ines Basic, which wasn’t revealed to either of their spouses until the reunion. However, Sam has claimed that this ‘affair’ did not happen, and he was asked to stage it by the show’s producers.

What happened after the show?

Sam Ball
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After the series came to an end, it’s no surprise that Sam Ball’s marriage to his former wife Elizabeth did not last. Since the show, he has dated Akila Ahmunett, who he has also split from after he claimed she was stalking him, claims which he has since withdrawn.

Appearing on the show also led to Sam having issues with his mental health, including anxiety and depression, which temporarily led him to rely on drugs and alcohol. But he says he has since been feeling better thanks to his friends, family, and consulting a doctor. Sam even did a birthday fundraiser for Beyond Blue, a charity that supports and offers advice to people living with anxiety and depression.

But the drama did not end for Sam when the show did, as he was involved in a freak accident. After falling from a roof, he impaled himself on an iron fence and was rushed to a hospital fearing for his life, but has since been fine after receiving surgery.

Sam deleted his Instagram account in May 2020 but has recently rejoined the platform and regularly shares photos of his fitness workouts. However, he looks completely different since the show, as Sam has said goodbye to his beard and hello to a shaven head. His Instagram has over 100,000 followers, meaning Sam could charge a significant amount for a single post.

What will he do next?

Sam Ball
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Aside from being a social media influencer, Sam also works at a bottle-o in Coolangatta. But since leaving the show, Sam has also joined the army and has recently graduated from The Kapooka Army Recruit Training program. This not only explains his shaven head but means his future may lead him to fight and travel all over the world. Additionally, Sam received the Most Outstanding Soldier award after graduating and seems to have a clear plan for his future.