A universal Netflix favourite guided by the narrative of an archetypally awkward yet equally lovable protagonist and his turbulent journey of self-exploration that would be familiar to anyone, Sex Education features an abundance of crude comedy and engrossing eventfulness to die for.  The iconic costumes resembling that of 80s fashion paradoxically accompanied by a contemporary perspective on adolescence makes this truly unique. Any viewer of the show will undoubtedly be curious about the picturesque and spectacular surrroundings of the show, and there is no debate that those who consider themselves relative super-fans, would be dying for an exclusive insight into where this coming-of-age drama is based. Without further ado and answer the ongoing question of where is Sex Education  filmed? Here are some of the most important locations used in the production of this beloved show.

The Milburn’s House

where is sex education filmed
Source: Hereford Times

Location – Wye Valley

Previously known as The Chalet B&B before being closed to the public, the picturesque property in which Otis and Jean reside should definitely be a priority for any Sex Education enthusiast to try and catch sight of. Nearby, the serene village of Symonds Yat within the Wye Valley is often visible in shots of this house due to its close proximity. If ever you happen to visit the Forest of Dean, bordering Wales and Gloucestershire, why not try to locate this idyllic scene for yourself? And with luck, post-pandemic and providing the cast aren’t busy filming – you may even get to stay in The Chalet like Otis and Jean Milburn themselves!

Eric’s House

where is sex education filmed
Source: Instinct Magazine

Location – Old Farm House Mews, Wye Valley

Similarly to the Milburn residence, Eric’s house is also situated in the wondrous Wye Valley in Wales. So, if you end up wandering in the Wye and want to immerse yourself in the Sex Education scenes, why not track down this house too and walk in the footsteps of characters like Eric and Adam? However, be aware that this property is privately-owned and you might not get as much of an exclusive insight into the world of the cast without causing disruption.

Aimee’s House 

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Source: Visit Monmouthsire

Location – Bigsweir House

Overlooking the sublime sights of the River Wye’s banks, the enviable house in which Aimee hosts a party early in the first season as Otis and Maeve offer their classmates some credible advice, is known as Bigsweir House and is situated right on the border between England and Wales. Privately owned by the Hopkinson family, who admitted during an interview with The Guardian that they ‘thoroughly enjoyed having the crew. That being said, if you’re going to take your own Sex Education location tour – be sure to remain respectful of the ethereal scenery and its inhabitants.

The Caravan Park

sex education filming
Source: Atlas of Wonders

Location – Sterrett’s Caravan Park, Symonds Yat

As revealed on Twitter by an account representing the surrounding areas, a fraction of the filming for the show took place on Sterrett’s Caravan Park, presumably the location in which Maeve was portrayed to have lived. If you’re ever looking for a scenic location for a camping or lodging holiday, then why not consider staying in this stunning Symonds Yat site? Living the life of this undeniably iconic character has never been easier, and this would sure make exploring the other proximate locations a lot easier too.

Moordale High School 

sex education film sets
Source: Sex Education Wiki

Location –  Caerleon Campus, University of South Wales

Before closing to its 4500 students in 2016, the building used as the characters’ school in Sex Education was owned by the University of South Wales. This campus is situated in Caerleon, just north of Newport, so is not so adjacent to the aforementioned locations around the Wye Valley region, but if you fancy yourself a Welsh road trip, go ahead and marvel at the astounding architecture of this Caerleon ex-campus building. Despite the majority of Moordale scenes being filmed in this beautiful building, any assemblies or school discos were filmed in Penarth, a fair distance from the school itself. Used as a public hall with a vast range of purposes to the local residents, The Paget Rooms is actually a theatre building as opposed to the fantasy school hall.

Military School 

where is sex education
Source: New Now Next

Location –  Margam Country Park and Castle

Also relatively distant from other previously mentioned filming locations, the exterior shots of Mountainside Military School which Adam is sent to as the first season concludes are taken at the beautiful Margam Country Park and Castle. Renowned for its reputation as an incredible Tudor Gothic mansion with stunning surrounding gardens, this location is open to the public to explore irrespective of whether you’re looking to really engage yourself in the Sex Education narrative universe, or just want to wander around and feast your eyes on some striking sights.

Swimming Pool

sex education filming sets
Source: Sex Education

Location –  Newport International Sports Village

Throughout the series, pretentious head boy Jackson is notable for his devotion to swimming, with these scenes and more being filmed in the multi-sport complex known as the Newport International Sports Village in South Wales. Not only does this location feature the famous swimming pool from the show, but this centre is also resident to a gym, a tennis centre, football and cricket pitches, in addition to the velodrome which was used by the cyclists of Team GB as they prepared for the 2012 Olympic Games. Now, you can simultaneously live the lifestyle of Olympians and Sex Education stars alike should you ever find yourself in the Newport International Sports Village.

Running Track 

Location –  Cwmbran Stadium, Henllys Way

If you’re an avid watcher of Sex Education, you’ll remember that during the opening episode of the second season, Otis has to make a rapid escape from the running track. This track is situated just north of Newport, also in South Wales. Are you sensing a pattern here? While all of the show’s locations aren’t necessarily on each-others’ doorsteps, a tour of Wales’ finest filming locations is most certainly far from impossible if you’re truly fanatical.

Brown’s Village Stores 

where is sex education filmed
Source: Wales Online

Location –  Brown’s Village Stores, Llandudno

Who’d have though that the shop in which both Rahim and Ola work in, was an actual shop that has been open since 1928? Albeit a lot further from the abundance of filming locations in South Wales, this setting in the coastal, northerly, Welsh town of Llandudno has arguably the most agreeable accompanying reality. Named after its owners, Roger and Ruth Brown, who have run the shop since 1958, Brown’s Village Stores has been a hit with the locals after its feature in this Netflix favourite. Admitting to The Guardian that he hadn’t even watched the show himself, Roger Brown described the fame gained from the shops’ inclusion in the show as ‘lovely’ and confesses that people ‘ask about the show all the time’. Maybe the Brown’s have some exclusive knowledge on the filming of the show, why don’t you ask for yourself if ever in Llandudno?

The Fairground

sex education netflix
Source: The Guardian

Location –  Vauxhall Fields, Rockfield Road, Monmouth

Visited by the characters in the second season, this fairground is located in Monmouth, exceptionally close to Symonds Yat where a lot of other locations were either based or super close to. All year round, various exhilarating events take place in Vauxhall Fields, such as the Wales International Kite Festival, steam rallies, dog shows and show jumping competitions. Best of all, Adventure Cinema can bring the escape to you with an outstanding outdoor cinema and on-site bar. So, while there are weather-dependent fairgrounds situated in Vauxhall Fields just as in the show itself, there can be plenty more exciting opportunities to potentially walk the same paths as the cast of Sex Education.

Now you know where the notable locations of Sex Education really are, why not plan a road trip to visit as many as possible? Or if you’re lucky enough to live locally to any of the aforementioned, you may be retracing the cast’s steps without even realising. It can be assumed that the following season, set to hit screens on September 17th, will similarly be filmed around Wales for continuity – so be sure to keep a watchful eye out for all of the locations highlighted here, and amaze everyone with your otherworldly knowledge of where each scene is actually set as they aren’t all as close together as the fictional world shows!

Last Updated on September 3, 2022