December is nearly here! With Christmas quickly approaching, it is time for you to prepare for the festive season. Putting up Christmas decorations plays an important role in that. Unfortunately, due to lockdown, we might not be able to enjoy browsing festive shops this year, but you can still make the best out of the holiday season. Plenty of shops sell Christmas decorations online, which means that you can enjoy the spirit of Christmas while staying in the safety of your own home. To make it even easier, we’ve listed the best places to buy Christmas decorations online.


Amazon may not be the first shop you think about when shopping for Christmas decoration, but it certainly is worth a look. Its advantage is its wide range of products, covering anything from fairy lights to festive toilet seats. This shop is great if you want to go for more unusual decorations this year, and it even has free delivery for most items!


Again, this might not be a shop usually associated with the “Christmas spirit”, but IKEA’s online shop offers a variety of beautiful Christmas decorations. These include candles, tree ornaments and table decorations. There also is a range of Christmas pots and plants on offer. For small parcels, delivery usually costs 4£, so you can easily buy Christmas decorations online without high additional expenses.

It’s all about Christmas

True to its name, this shop provides you with everything you might need for Christmas. Founded in 1988, they sell a variety of Christmas trees, garlands and table decorations. Definitely check out their beautiful tree decorations, especially the intricate glass Christmas baubles, which might become the highlight of your Christmas tree this year.

The Handmade Christmas Co.

Founded in 2012, this shop was established to offer modern alternatives to traditional Christmas stockings. They have extended their assortment over the years, so now, apart from personalised sacks and stockings, you can also buy Christmas trees, baubles and Christmas crackers. Although these products are a little more expensive than the ones from other shops on this list, they are definitely worth their money. The production of all items takes place in the UK. The shop also offers free delivery in all parts of the UK on all orders over 20£, which makes it perfect for buying Christmas decoration online.


If you are interested in handmade Christmas decorations, this one might be the shop for you! Honest offers beautifully handcrafted ornaments and Christmas baubles. They also sell figurines made out of papier-mâché and wood. Their elephant sculptures are especially stunning, and even though they may not be directly related to Christmas, you should definitely check them out. The company aims to minimise the carbon footprint of their products, so everything is produced in an eco-friendly way. The objects made of papier-mâché and wood additionally are biodegradable, so they come without any plastic waste. The items are carefully crafted by Kashmiri artisans, whom you support by purchasing Christmas decorations from this shop.

UNICEF market

This shop is ideal for buying beautiful Christmas decorations while spreading the Christmas spirit and doing something good. Their products are a little more expensive, but each purchase helps children who are facing violence, hunger, disease or war. Whenever you buy a gift, Unicef will deliver an item to a child in need, so they get to experience at least a little of the Christmas joy themselves. All objects are also fair-trade items, handmade by artisans from all over the world. They mostly sell Christmas cards, but there are some beautiful ornaments as well that you should definitely check out!

Of course, there are plenty more online shops offering Christmas decorations for every taste. Whether you want to go for an extravagant Christmas toilet seat, or if you prefer a handmade wooden tree ornament, you are sure to find the right decorations for you. This way, despite lockdown, you can still make the most out of the situation and enjoy Christmas while staying safe at home. True to the Christmas spirit, you may also want to consider giving something back, for example by using shops like UNICEF to help children in need.