From spirits to seltzers, we all love a good summertime sesh. But, with student loans and rent, sometimes we have no choice but to bev on a budget. Cheap booze that is good despite the low price is hard to come by, but here are Aldi alcohol dupes for you to try out.

Koppaberg fan? Try out Aldi’s Alska Cider.

alska aldi cider
Source: Alska

With the sun out, there are few things better than a cold fruity cider with friends. Alaska cider is far better value for money than leading brand Kopparberg, and many have dared to suggest that this dupe tastes better. When they’re less than £2, can you really go wrong?

Fancy a Pina Colada? Skip the Malibu and opt for Cocobay instead.

cocobay aldi dupe
Source: Aldi

Malibu coconut rum is centre stage in so many great cocktails perfect for summer but can set you back a few quid. Try out Aldi’s Cocobay version instead because the more money you save, the more you’ll have to spend. You’ll save around £10 a bottle, and we promise there is no compromise on taste.

Greysons vs Gordons: Battle of the Gins

aldi gordon's gin
Source: Prima

The entire Aldi Greyson gin collection has been likened to gin giant Gordon’s. With a price comparison of £11.99 versus up to £25 at Tesco, it’s understandable people are opting for these more budget versions instead. We personally recommend the pink, Sicilian lemon and Mediterranean orange gins which go perfectly with any tonic. They taste just as great and won’t put as big a dent in your purse.

Why make an Aperol Spritz when you could try the Aperini Twist?

fake aperol aldi
Source: Chronicle Live

Aperol is a summer staple, but when you can get the same taste for a fraction of the price, why wouldn’t you want to try out a nifty dupe find? At just £6.99, Aperini goes brilliantly in a prosecco spritz which we are loving with a slice of orange and plenty of crushed ice. It gives you that holiday feeling without the pricetag.

In the mood for a Strongbow Rose? Get more for your money with Taurus.

aldi rose taurus
Source: Aldi

Strongbow cider is a classic tinny for summertime, but when it’s £5 for only four cans, it is on the spenny side. This Aldi alternative is 35% less for more booze. You get 10 cans for £7.99 which means more to go round. What’s not to love?

Grad season but can’t afford posh champagne? Costellore to the rescue!

Aldi prosecco
Source: The Mirror

When it’s only £5.99 a bottle, there’s really nothing stopping you from giving this dupe a go. This one is Aldi’s most popular sparkling wine, though that doesn’t surprise us as it tastes so good! Sure, Freizenet may come in a prettier bottle, but you could get three of these for the same price. Celebrating the end of the year doesn’t have to cost you the world!