With the interest in star signs skyrocketing amongst students in recent years, there’s no doubt that ‘New Age’ astrology is here to stay. But what is so appealing to students in particular about horoscopes? Whether you’re a Sagittarius moon, a Pisces sun or completely clueless about it all, we’re here to answer exactly why are students obsessed with horoscopes.

Light-hearted self-reflection

Even if you consider yourself someone who likes to stand out from the crowd, there is something strangely appealing about belonging to a group. You only need to look to the immense popularity of horoscopes and personality tests like Myers Briggs to prove it. We students love the opportunity for self-reflection, even if the form this takes is a little whimsical. Reading your horoscope creates a unique avenue for light-hearted personal exploration, giving the opportunity for you to assess if you fit the traits of your star sign.

Even if you don’t back astrology, this can still be a useful exercise, leading to new avenues of personal discovery. Horoscopes also help remind us of how amazingly different we all are and yet allows us all to still belong. So, whether you get your ‘find your tribe’ fix by reading your horoscope or through doing Buzzfeed quizzes on what type of bread you are, we won’t judge.

Why are students obsessed with horoscopes? All you need to know
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Creating connection

The role of social media should not be understated when it comes to why students are so obsessed with horoscopes. Platforms such as Instagram and Tik Tok undoubtedly play a huge role in influencing our culture. So it’s no surprise that students are drawn to horoscopes. It’s nearly impossible to scroll through Tik Tok without some kind of Zodiac video appearing in your feed, regardless of whether you’re a fan of star signs or not.

Why are students obsessed with horoscopes? All you need to know
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Thanks to social media, connecting with people online has never been easier. Engaging with a funny meme video knowing others across the world are doing exactly the same thing creates a sense of community. This sense of belonging naturally increases the popularity of Zodiac content, as the different star signs act as groups for people to immediately belong to. This sense of ‘a group within a group’ doubles the feeling of belonging that is created through engaging with horoscope content and therefore doubles this content’s appeal. When considering the concerning statistics on student loneliness, which state that nearly 9/10 Britons aged 18-24 experience loneliness, it becomes apparent why content that creates a sense of belonging is so appealing.

If you are experiencing loneliness and need support, we have listed some links at the bottom of the page.

Comfort in the unknown

It’s understandable that interest in horoscopes has soared, with the unpredictability of the last few years thanks to the virus-that-will-not-be-named. Think about it. Generally, students faced less physical risk during the pandemic compared to other age groups. But socially? Uni students were undoubtedly some of the most affected during the pandemic. Saying goodbye to in-person teaching, no more nights out or household mixing hit students hard. For many, the pandemic completely rewrote students’ hopes for what their uni experience could be.

Amid all that chaos, it makes sense that people would turn to the zodiac for a sense of predictability. After all, if you believe in horoscopes, everything happens for a reason-even the things that hurt. Where better to find that solace in discomfort than in the pre-determinism of the stars? If things go wrong, at least you can usually blame some type of Retrograde (we’re looking at you, Mercury!)

Why are students obsessed with horoscopes? All you need to know
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Students also love horoscopes for their meme value, of course! Let’s face it, we students love a good meme, and the world of horoscopes certainly delivers its’ share of laughs. From Tik Tok skits to personalised get out of jail free cards for each star sign (you can find our list here), the internet is revelling in the astrology boom. And if you’re not into star signs? There are even horoscope memes that cater to non-believers too. Plus if all else fails, at least horoscope memes help you procrastinate doing uni work.

Why are students obsessed with horoscopes? All you need to know
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Hopefully, now you have some answers to why students are so obsessed with horoscopes. Still unconvinced? You could always try checking your horoscope! And why not check whether you’re actually on the right degree and career path based on your zodiac?

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