The new season of Made in Chelsea has just started and it’s already had its fair share of drama, catfights and announcements. However, perhaps the biggest revelation of all (and one that wasn’t given much explanation) is the news that MIC’s Victoria’s baby dad is in Jail? And we didn’t even know she was pregnant…So, we thought we’d shed some light and dive deep to uncover everything we can about Inigo Philbrick and what he’s done to end up behind bars.

Who is Inigo Philbrick?

Inigo Philbrick
source: Artnet news

Firstly, it seems that Inigo is a 34-year old art dealer who has been described by Tatler as being a Gatsby-Esque socialite. He started off way back, interning at galleries and climbed his way up the ladder, eventually running two art galleries in Mayfair and Miami. He was engaged to Made in Chelsea star, Victoria Baker-Harber but was never actually on the show himself. However, in 2020 he shot to fame when he was accused of art fraud. Victoria gave birth to their daughter, Gaia Grace after Philbrick was arrested so he has never actually met his daughter.

What did Inigo Philbrick do?

During the new season of Made in Chelsea, in a chat with Tabitha, Victoria briefly mentions that her daughter’s father is in jail for fraud. However, she doesn’t give much more away. Well, it seems that it wasn’t just a small scale operation. In fact, Philbrick has been accused of defrauding clients of over $20 million between 2016 and 2019, selling the same art works to different investors at inflated prices. He was said to have earnt at least £16 million from the scam and he told a judge that he ‘did it for the money.’ It sounds a little bit Tinder Swindler like to us…

What sentence does he face?

When he was arrested in 2020, Philbrick was charged with wire fraud and aggravated identity theft. He faces 20 years in Jail. That means by the time he gets out, his daughter will be old enough to appear on Made in Chelsea herself.

Is Inigo Philbrick still in a relationship with Victoria Baker Harber? 

It seems that Victoria has vowed to stand by her daughter’s father however the pair are no longer together romantically. She revealed on MIC that she is officially single. She is now focused on being a mother and is busy working as a swimwear designer. You can find out what the other Made in Chelsea cast members do for work here. 

Last Updated on September 2, 2022