Take yourself back to this time five weeks ago, we were practically begging the Love Island producers to do something, anything, that would bring some scandal into the villa. Now, we’re all sat here recovering from one of the most explosive episodes in Love Island history. After completing the movie night challenge, the whole villa erupted as Faye and Teddy’s relationship crumbled before our eyes. The reactions of the Islanders to the challenge have divided viewers, whether it’s the girls standing back while Faye kicked off, the extent that Faye kicked off to, or the support the boys offered their partners after the challenge. While we’re all still reeling from the drama, we thought we would unpack just how divisive last night’s episode was for viewers.

So what actually happened?

At the end of Thursday’s episode and the start of Friday’s, the Islanders took part in a pub quiz in which the team with the answer closest to being correct got to choose a video of the other team during their time on Love Island. The videos included Liam’s three-way kiss in Casa Amor, Jake telling the boys that he wasn’t sure just how attracted he was to Liberty, as well as Teddy telling Casa Amor’s Clarisse that he found her attractive. Throughout the game, tensions rose higher and higher, before the whole villa went up in flames as the game ended. Throughout the episode Faye was on a constant rampage, shouting at every man in sight, poor Liberty was left doubting Jakes’ feelings for her, and Liam for once, wasn’t the villain.

Jake’s doubts leave Liberty questioning his intentions

In the aftermath of movie night, Jake forgot to immediately check up on and reassure Liberty after being shown saying some pretty hurtful things about her. Who wouldn’t be upset by finding out their boyfriend ‘didn’t want to rip her clothes off’ at the beginning of their relationship? Regardless of any deeper insecurities you already had, that has got to hurt, right? But instead of comforting his girlfriend after the challenge, Jake was busy venting to the boys about how he was exposed for telling the boys to explore things with the Casa Amor girls.

In my opinion, Jake should’ve prioritised Liberty, who was upset because of his actions. Eventually Liberty managed to pull Jake for a chat, and told him just how hurt she was and that she was already insecure about herself before seeing him talk about her like that. Jake managed to reassure Liberty that his feelings for her were genuine, and they spent the rest of the evening looking after each other throughout Faye’s rage. Hopefully Jake is as sincere as he says he is because otherwise, we need to save Liberty.

Faye and Teddy’s relationship crashes and burns

In recent episodes Faye and Teddy have grown closer and made themselves more vulnerable to each other as the days have gone on, after the setback of Casa Amor. However, this was all undone when both of them had clips played at movie night, exposing their antics during Casa Amor. Faye appeared in a clip where she was saying that she didn’t even find Teddy funny, and chatting to Casa Amor lad Sam about sharing a bed together. Teddy, meanwhile, was shown telling Clarisse that he found her sexually attractive, and saying that he would share a bed with her but wanted to remain loyal to Faye.

While the clip of Faye was shown, she laughed all the way through it, with Teddy remaining calm and shrugging it off. However, when the clip of Teddy rolled Faye lost her cool, saying, ‘get your f*cking sandals on and f*ck off’, a reference to Teddy’s sandals that she had previously been criticising. After the challenge ended it all kicked off. Some have said the episode should’ve just been named ‘Faye screaming for an hour straight’, because that was pretty much the only thing that happened in the episode once movie night ended.


When you put into perspective how Millie handled Liam’s betrayal during Casa Amor, Faye’s was definitely an over-reaction. Being angry is understandable, because it is clear that Faye has been badly hurt in the past, and is reluctant to let herself be vulnerable to being let down again. However, the way that Faye ranted and raved around the villa, treating Teddy like he was absolutely nothing, has led to many viewers wanting her to be dumped from the island. The real question is, what if the shoe was on the other foot? If one of the boys went around the villa screaming at everyone in the way that Faye did, he would be shunned and perhaps would even be removed from the villa. In the end, Faye and Teddy called time on their relationship, both disagreeing with the way the other had handled the whole situation.

What did the viewers think?

While almost everyone on my twitter feed were team Teddy, many viewers pointed out that it was a shame how none of the girls seemed to back Faye or at least help her calm down. 2019 winner Amber Gill tweeted:



This refers to how she and fellow Islander Anna used to team up to take down any slimy boys in the villa. It’s a fair point to make, that because Faye didn’t have a girl in there backing her or sharing the anger, she looked worse. However, the girls were all probably reeling from the challenge and had to deal with their own issues before even beginning to help Faye unpack hers.


If anything good came from the Islanders’ movie night, it’s that Millie and Liam took another step in the right direction, sharing a few kisses in bed. Is it bad that I’m still rooting for them after everything Liam did? Probably. At this point they are the most solid couple in the villa, who would’ve thought.