With pubs and clubs not open just quite yet, I’m afraid you’re going to have to continue to break the Newcastle student stereotype and enjoy some of the city’s many other quality attractions. Stuck for ideas as to what to do? No problem, we’ve compiled a handy list to remind you of some of the best experiences available in Newcastle.

1. Quayside

Quayside things to do in newcastle
Source: Wikipedia

The sightseers favourite, Quayside, is one of the most beautiful urban walks you’ll ever take. While the area is normally packed with arts and culture exhibitions, none of its charm is missing as you stroll alongside the River Tyne. It actually might be better to enjoy this Newcastle landmark before things reopen, as it can be a truly serene experience to enjoy in relative peace.

2. Jesmond Dene

Jesmond Dene Newcastle
Source: Urban Green Newcastle

If you need somewhere that is both accessible and beautiful, look no further than the Dene. Connecting many popular student areas, Jesmond Dene is the absolute best outdoor experience one can get in Newcastle. Complete with several walking routes, picnic tables, and an abundance of greenery, you really can’t go wrong with everyone’s favourite part of Jesmond.

3. Rising Sun Country Park

things to do in newcastle
Source: Visit North Tyneside

Situated just outside the usual student areas in the district of Benton, Rising Sun Country Park is home to plenty of wildlife, with bird hides, ponds, and expansive woodlands on offer. Admission is free, and facilities are plentiful, so Rising Sun is a perfect trip for nature aficionados.

4. Tynemouth

things to do in newcastle
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Who doesn’t love the beach? Even better, who doesn’t love a beach widely regarded to be one of the best in Europe? Forget the Whitsundays, Tynemouth is the perfect place for a dip, a mini BBQ, or just a nice walk with friends. A half-hour trip on the metro will get you there from the vast majority of student areas, and Tynemouth is absolutely worth the effort.

5. Whitely Bay

things to do in newcastle
Source: The Crazy Tourist

Don’t tell Tynemouth, but if it’s considered one of the best beaches in Europe, then Whitley Bay has to be right up there. The golden expanses are located a stone’s throw from the shores of Tynemouth and are well worth checking out in one round trip.

6. Treasure Hunts

things to do in newcastle
Source: Treasure Trails

More akin to self-guided walking tours than treasure hunts, these services provide you with the ultimate Newcastle experience. You’ll be taken all around Newcastle, visiting all the iconic landmarks you could ask for, and all for a prize. The Treasure Hunt Company offers several different options for any would-be explorers.

7. Bowling and Mini-Golf

things to do in Newcastle
Source: Lane 7

While this one is technically off the cards until mid-May, Lane7 is too fun to ignore. When I say bowling and mini-golf, I really mean that, plus ping pong, beer pong, karaoke, food (I highly recommend the wings and, of course, drink. Lane7 is the perfect place to get yourself down to for some post-lockdown socialising, complete with plenty of games to get overly competitive about.

8. Hadrian’s Wall

things to do in newcastle
Source: Hadrian’s Wall Country

Whilst the wall no longer exists in all its former glory, Hadrian’s Wall can be explored in spirit through several heritage sites; essential for history buffs. As many of these sites are both in and near Newcastle, delving into the history of Hadrian’s Wall can be an incredibly worthwhile endeavour.

9. Picnicking

things to do in newcastle
Source: Chronicle Live

When it comes to deciding where to picnic in Newcastle, you really are spoilt for choice with several perfect parks, so take your pick. Personally, I think Exhibition and Leazes Park present the ideal spot to play host to a day trip.

10. Osborne Road

things to do in newcastle
Source: Chronicle Live

Last but not least, one for us all to look forward to. Home to he go-to student pubs; the conveniently placed post-drinks Pizza Express, and the Café Nero waiting to nurse you through your hangover. It’s fair to say we all miss the Osborne Road, and a night out there is finally within touching distance.

Overall, there’s plenty to look forward to in the coming months as things return to normal. In the meantime, keep yourself busy, and make sure to take in all the city has to offer.

Last Updated on September 2, 2022