Look, as a Nottingham student, I may be slightly biased on this topic. But hopefully after this 10-point run down you can see why Nottingham is the best city in the UK to be a student. From its unique cultural attractions to a varsity rivalry that could give Oxbridge a run for its money.

1. Bars as far as the eye can see!

bars Nottingham

There are a ton of quirky bars in Nottingham. There are secret gems like Tilt and exciting, arcade themed paradises like Penny Lane (they sell frosé!). For students looking to spice up their insta pages and have slightly classier evenings than club nights, Nottingham has a lot to get through. I’ve been a Nottingham student for nearly 3 years and I’ve still not worked my way through them all – maybe I’m just a lightweight!

2. Market square fairs

Nottingham City

There are probably only 2 days of the year when a Nottingham student can walk through market square and there isn’t anything going on. From the summer beach to Halloween horror houses to the glittering Christmas market, keep an eye out for something new to try!

3. Trent rivalry

Is there anything for exciting for a student than a uni rivalry? Oxford has Cambridge, Edinburgh has St. Andrews, UCL has KCL and… Uni of Notts has Trent! From competitive bar crawls to Varsity and everything in between, it’s always more interesting having another uni in the city. The rivalry is just a bit of banter but things can really heat up at this head to heads and tickets are highly sought after.

4. Ice hockey?!

Ice Hockey Nottingham.png

You won’t see this in many uni cities. Nottingham students are blessed to have an active ice hockey community in the city. The Nottingham Panthers often pack out the Motorpoint Arena, and the ice hockey varsity match is one of the most hyped up events of the year. There are cheerleaders, smoke machines and rowdy bust-ups – amazing!

5. Lovely outside space

 Not all of Nottingham’s best spots are in the city. Wollaton park is just a short walk from University Park Campus, and Attenborough Nature Reserve is snuggled between the two universities, making it an ideal escape when the library isn’t looking so appealing

6. Cheap as chips

This one is for those coming from London and the South. Becoming a Nottingham student means everything becomes a lot cheaper, especially drinks and eating out. Half the price means double the fun, right?

7. Food, food, food!


As well as having a plethora of bars and clubs to choose from, Nottingham also boasts a great selection of places to eat. There are well-known chains, independent cafés, vegan food markets, cosy pubs and a lot more.

8. Opportunities galore

Opportunities galore Nottingham.png

No point getting a degree without a job at the end of it, right? With businesses increasingly moving to cities like Nottingham, Birmingham and Manchester as opposed to the capital, there are increasing opportunities for Nottingham students. The University of Nottingham has internship partnerships with multiple locally based businesses including Capital One. Trent also has connections with local businesses so students can benefit from regular contact with industry insiders.

9. Transport links

 Nottingham train station has great links to London St. Pancras, Bristol, Birmingham, Cardiff, Aberdeen, York and a lot more. This makes it easy-peasy to travel back home during the holidays and to visit your mates wherever they are around the country. On top of that, Nottingham itself has a great tram network as well as buses that offer student rates, so you don’t have to break the bank with taxis to get around.

10. Art, culture and history

 This city has many cultural hotspots for Nottingham students to explore. You can’t spend all your time studying and sleeping! If history is your thing, the National Justice Museum can immerse you in the criminal justice system through the ages, with court rooms, a prison yard and actors. The cave network is also unique to Nottingham, as is the Nottingham Castle and the tales of Robin Hood. If art is more your thing, the Nottingham Contemporary regularly showcases interesting modern art exhibitions from artists around the globe. If you’re craving something more active, Nottingham has the biggest bowling alley in the UK, an impressive ice skating rink and a VR escape room.

The buzzing nightlife and leisure activities, the picturesque parks and growing opportunities for employment. Nottingham is a city perfect for students.