For most of us, university is a chance to step out of our comfort zone, see the world and have a crack at being independent without the weight of having to worry about certain adult problems such as doing your taxes. Whether you are a local or international, uni life is also the chance to experience a whole new culture. Within the space of three to four years of your life, you will be exposed to an environment so uniquely different from your own which is indeed the beauty of it all. Every university will have its own quirky little mannerisms and values that one will find themselves relating to over the period of one’s higher education. Nottingham is no different and so here are 10 things you will relate to if you go to university in Nottingham.  

Robin Hood Trivia 

We’ve all got that one uncle or aunt who will find the most random point of conversation and question you on it. Given that we are in the city of the infamous Robin Hood and his merry band of bandits, I wouldn’t be surprised if at some point we’ve been questioned about random Robin Hood trivia. Then again, you could probably flip that around and brag to your family about the great history and culture of the city we so dearly love. 

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Superior Public Transport 

Nottingham’s public transport is far superior to that of any other city. The city has size on its side but in terms of frequency and options for students to get to and from the major points of interest for students ie. the city centre, university and nightlife, Nottingham has the winning formula. Sure, the services have their flaws, but which city in the UK has a perfect public transport system catered directly to students? 

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Perfect Pint 

Home to some of the oldest pubs in the world, if you can’t relate to having the perfect pint in this city, have you truly been to University in Nottingham? Pubs such as Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem is the bedrock for great beer and the award-winning Castle Rock Brewery is known across the British Isles for fine quality beers and ales. We are convinced that you can only draw a perfect pint in Nottingham. Click here to find Nottingham’s cheapest pubs. 

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Vintage Fashionista 

Where areas such as Soho might be known for vintage and upcycled fashion, Nottingham in its entirety is devoted to that industry. With a plethora of shops dedicated to vintage clothing in a range of styles and from various eras, there is something for everyone. White Rose is one of the major contenders with more than seven shops in the city centre alone. It’s a not-for-profit organisation devoted to vintage fashion and upcycling founded by Nottingham Trent University graduates leading the charge in this field. 


White Rose Charity Vintage Fashion Shop
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Fancy Dress Ravers 

Given that Nottingham’s calling card is known for being one of the best nights out in the UK, young adults gravitate to the city in droves. As a result, clubs in Nottingham love to hold themed nights catering to the inner child in all of us. Therefore, seeing uni students in fancy dress just roaming around the town, popping into a Tesco’s or ordering a Maccies adds life and a pop of colour to everyone’s night. 

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Rich English Sports Culture 

Home to Nottingham Forest FC and the Trent Bridge Cricket Ground, Nottingham was a center for top league sport back in its glory days. Prominent sports personalities such as Andy Cole and Stuart Broad, amongst other famous individuals,  began their careers on the fields, grounds and pools in the Nottinghamshire locale. Concurrently, Nottingham Trent University and The University of Nottingham have a rich sports culture with an annual appearance at the top of the BUCS league table.  

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Green Open Spaces 

Not only does it have a bustling city life, but it also has plenty of green open spaces. Wollaton Park, the Forest Recreation Ground and the Arboretum to name a few. And within minutes you can get out of the concrete jungle and explore through forests, woodlands and acres of open-field land. After having spent a couple of years in Nottingham you relate to the great outdoors a lot more. Click here to read about the best outdoor activities in Nottingham. 

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Late Night Shenanigans 

Be it a night out with your mates, a late-night walk to clear your head, or cramming in that last-minute study for tomorrow’s exam, you’re never alone. Nottingham is inherently a student city first, so everything you do someone else has done it before you or will be going through it with you. The library is rammed when it comes to ‘exam and deadline season’ and the city is always bustling with students, staying up late just like their parents told them NOT to do.  

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All The Bargains 

Perfect for living on that student budget, Nottingham is notoriously famous for having great things at student prices. However, not all those bargains are obvious. If you attend a University in Nottingham, it is a given that you become an expert bargain hunter. Scouring through the shops to find goods on sale or anything that has been reduced.

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Space For Expression 

And finally, we don’t judge anyone here in Nottingham and therefore it is a refreshing space for expression and freedom to be you. Something that we can all relate to if we’ve attended University in Nottingham. It is a chance to find one’s self and reimagine anew your unique style and character. You can lose yourself or find yourself, be that as it may there will always be a community to welcome you and accept you in Nottingham.   

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That’s a wrap up of our 10 things you’ll relate to if you go to University in Nottingham. Think we’ve missed anything? Let us know in the comments.

Last Updated on January 24, 2024