We found some of the best secret bars in Nottingham that are great to go to on a night out, especially if you are bored of going to the same bars every night. You can impress your friends with your knowledge of secret bars and go out on a night that you won’t forget.

1. Boilermaker

Address: 36 Carlton Street

This bar is the definition of ‘secret’, as from the outside it looks like a drab boiler shop that you could easily walk past without giving it a second glance. You have to walk through a secret cupboard to get to the bar, where you will be greeted with a lively atmosphere and Moroccan-style décor. Another great part of this bar is the cocktail names on the menu, with funky drawings to accompany the name, expect to see cocktails with names like ‘Strong Gindependent Woman’.

2. The Hockley Arts Club

Address: 20A Carlton Street

Hockley arts club secret bars nottingham
Source: Trip Advisor

This bar is hidden down a secret passageway, but once you discover it, you won’t want to leave. Three floors that provide the perfect escapism from uni stress, each floor has a different vibe, so you’re bound to find one that you love. The top floor, named the ‘Electric Garden’ with pretty Japanese-styled artwork, is perfect for escaping everything and enjoying cocktails with your friends. The middle floor, ‘Blue Room’ has a more chilled atmosphere with table service and comfy leather sofas. Finally, the ground floor, known as ‘Stockholm’ hosts a range of Scandinavian furniture, and has that typical pub vibe, and comes alive with a clubbing atmosphere until 3 am.

3. Lost Property

Address: 7.5 Carlton Street

Lost Property secret bars nottingham
Source: Trip Advisor

With quirky décor and nostalgic-themed cocktails, this secret bar is definitely worth a visit. On the outside, its façade is made to look like a lost property office, and once inside, the lost property theme is continued. Old-fashioned suitcases, a wall made up of messages left by revellers, and a bar made up entirely of pennies. The whole experience is a night that you won’t forget, once you find out how to get inside.

4. Lost Caves

Address: 9 Carlton Street

Lost Caves secret bar Nottingham
Source: Nottingham Post

This bar is hidden underground and is actually situated beneath Lost Property, so it could be quite tricky to find, but once you do, it is worth the effort. It is set out like actual sandstone caves, decorated with faux fur throws and twinkly fairy lights, creating magical cave vibes. The focus is on gin, with a wide range of gin cocktails to try, but there are other drinks available as well. You need to book before you arrive. Otherwise, you won’t get a seat at the table-service bar.

5. The Secret Garden

Address: 17 Trinity Walk

The Secret Garden bar nottingham
Source: Nottingham Post

As the name suggests, this is the perfect secret bar if you prefer sitting outside surrounded by scenic flowers and picnic tables. The entrance can be located through one of the city centre’s cut-throughs and has a mysterious ‘SG’ sign painted over the doorway. Heaters and blankets are provided to help keep customers warm during cooler evenings. Cocktails and other drinks are served from a wooden bar, and the green haven is the perfect atmosphere to enjoy your drinks in.

Overall, these are the best secret bars in Nottingham, that you should be sure to look out for on your next night out. Most of these can be found on Carlton Street, so be sure to check that out for any more hidden gems. These bars are a great way to put a twist on your normal Friday night out.