Nottingham. It’s one of the biggest student cities in the country, with about 65,000 students in the city. But, no matter if you go to Uni Of or Trent, you will have to study at some point. That’s what we’re here for. There will be times when the libraries on campus are just too busy and you don’t feel like studying in your room, so, where do you go? To one of the many study spots in and around the city. Here are some of my recommendations:

(Disclaimer – Most of these are cafes. Yes, I am motivated by food.)

200 Degrees

200 degree, 5 Study Spots in Nottingham That You'll Love

One of the staples of Nottingham. With two shops in the city, one just off Old Market Square and one by Nottingham station (and plans for a third near the Victoria Centre), you’re bound to have been in one at some point. While it can be quite busy, the tables have enough space to be able to work. With its own barista school, the coffee is great, with a number of other drinks for non-coffee drinkers such as myself. There are also very nice sandwiches and brownies to keep you going for that study session. 

The Kitchen on Pelham Street

The Kitchen on Pelham Street, Study Spots in Nottingham
Source: Tripadvisor

One of my favourite study spots in Nottingham is The Kitchen, located a short walk from Lace Market tram stop. It has a very relaxed atmosphere, perfect both for a mid-week study session or to come with friends. With a brunch menu, an all-day menu and a number of cakes and brownies, it has study snacks for all occasions. My personal recommendation would be the grilled cheese sandwich and the iced tea, they are both very, very nice. 

Bromley House Library

Bromley House Library Study Spots in Nottingham
Source: Visit Nottinghamshire

Bromley House Library, located on Angel Row, just off of Old Market Square. It has many rooms over three floors of a Georgian townhouse, perfect for those of you who enjoy the dark academia vibe. Plus, when you need a break from studying (or something to do while procrastinating), they also have a garden for you to walk around in. The best kind of procrastinating, because you’re also doing exercise. Kill two birds with one stone. 

Waterstones Cafe

5 Study Spots in Nottingham That You'll Love
Source: Waterstones

Located on the third floor of the Waterstones on Bridlesmith Gate, you will find the Waterstones cafe. While the food is probably a little too expensive (although if you’re coming from London like me, paying £4.60 for a sandwich doesn’t seem as outrageous as it should be), it’s the perfect place to come and study after looking through their extensive collection of books. The views overlooking the city and the gentle hum of chatter adds to the atmosphere. Just make sure you actually do study, as opposed to just coming to look at the books (I have definitely been guilty of that). Check out our full list of the best coffee shops near Nottingham university.

Hockley Kitchen

Hockley Kitchen is an independent cafe on the corner of Carlton and Broad Streets in the heart of Hockley. The cafe has a number of gluten-free and vegan options and also has lots of outdoor seating, perfect for a study session when the weather is actually good. It serves breakfast, lunch, cakes and coffee, so it has the perfect study snack for any occasion. 

Of course, there are many more than just these five, they’re just some of my favourites. If you’re looking for a more traditional study spot in Nottingham (namely, a library), check out our list of some of the public libraries here in Nottingham.The point is that there are so many great places to study in Nottingham that don’t involve going to one of the libraries on campus. So, grab your laptop, head into town and try studying at one of the great study spots in Nottingham. You get to explore the city, do some work and have some great food. What more do you want?