Nottingham has a variety of things to do and see, both day or night. Of course, such a busy area has plenty of places to eat no matter what time it is. One of the most popular things to try here are burgers, and being as there are a number of burger places around there really is no shortage on the variety you can get. In this article, you’ll find out about the best ones there are to give you some ideas on where to go if it’s a burger your after.

1. Rose and Crown

Rose and Crown
Source: Grimsby Telegraph

Address: 500 Derby Road, Lenton, NG7 2GW

Housed within Lenton, the Rose and Crown is a bar that serves a variety of food, burgers included! Some of the options include the flame-grilled beef burger at £5.79, the all-American chicken burger priced at £7.89, and the southern fried chicken burger at the cost of £6.99. That isn’t all though as there is also a vegan option for £5.99, making it cheaper than most other burgers sold here, and the signature stacked burger for £8.99 featuring two burger patties, bacon, and onion rings for those looking for something special. All in all, the food does look great and, according to its rating on trip advisor, it is well worth a visit.

2. Annies Burger Shack

Annies Burger Shack
Source: Good Food Award

 Address: Friary St, Derby DE1 1JF

 Another highly reviewed restaurant, Annie’s Burger Shack is another restaurant that deserves a visit. From the time it’s doors first opened in 2009, this place has primed itself on having a wide variety of tasty burgers on offer, and by the looks of the menu, it’s hard not to agree. Some of the choices currently on offer include the BB king costing £8.90, the curiously spicy Deathray burger at £11.90, and the Mushroom Swiss amounting to £10.90. Despite the more normal-sounding burgers, however, don’t be fooled as this place even offers the weirder kinds of burger. Some examples of these are the Elvis Burger priced at £9.90 which contains peanut butter and jam; weird but interesting for the more daring type! Even though these burgers may be strange and a little expensive, it’s sure to be a good experience all the same.

3. Bohns Best Burgers

Bohns Burgers
Source: Go Dine

 Address: 20-22 Broad Street, Nottingham, NG1 3AL

 Holding a mostly five-star rating on review sites such as Trip Advisor, this burger place is just as good as it appears to be! This restaurant has a modern atmosphere featuring leather seating and plants placed around the place, which gives it an almost homely feel. More than that, though, the burgers they offer are also just as nice. Some of the burgers include the Torero with allspice mayo and Chorizo priced at £10.05 and the salad dodger for those who prefer just the burger, served with kimchi ketchup for some added spice, costing £8.95. Much like Annie’s this place also serves similarly strange peanut butter and jam burger, only this time with added jalapeños, at £10.05 which may give all the more reason to try it. Unlike other restaurants, however, Bohn’s has more vegan options such as the veggie mate and veggie rump both priced at £11.95 and even a halloumi burger for £8.95, so there is plenty of choice for everyone.

4. Revolution Cornerhouse

Revolution Nottingham
Source: Lincolnshire Live

 Address: The Cornerhouse, Nottingham, NG1 4DB

This stylish bar has everything you need for both a comfortable visit and delicious food. The place is set out very neatly, with glass top counters and fancy cushions to add to the style of the bar. Whilst the menu isn’t solely based on burgers, there are a few included on the menu. These include the bacon and cheese blackened chicken burger priced at £11.00 and the smashed Mexican beef burger at £11.00, giving both unique flavours and classic burgers. On top of this, there are also vegetarian options for the majority of the burgers on offer for the same prices, so nobody has to compromise on flavour, as well as burgers with additional fillings such as the smoke king which has three beef patties, a variety of flavourful sauces and streaky bacon all for £14.50. All in all, a stylish venue with many burgers to choose from.

5. Reds True Barbecue

Reds True Barbecue
Source: Hot Dinners

Address: 11 Queen St, Nottingham NG1 2BL

Part of a chain of restaurants, this barbecue is the place to go for burgers or any meat-orientated dish. Being as this place prides itself on burgers, steaks, and other related dishes, you can hardly go wrong with getting a good meal. Some of the burgers they have on offer feature the donut burger at £13.50, the xxx burger for the same price, and the moving mountains burger for £11.50. Each of these burgers come with either a single or double patty, but that isn’t all as each of these can have more burger patties added on for the cost of around £2.50 per patty. Some burgers, such as the donut and xxx burgers, can even have four patties at the cost of £18 which is entirely different to other establishments covered here and shows that no amount is too much for this place! However, there aren’t any vegetarian options covered within the menu, making it a little choice-limited.

6. Red Dog Saloon

Red Dog Saloon
Source: Catering Today

Address: 20-22 Victoria St, Nottingham NG1 2EX

Much like the previous place, Red Dog Saloon also serves as an American barbecue-style restaurant with mainly meat-based meals. This, unfortunately, means that there are fewer options for vegetarians as the only suitable burger on offer is beyond meat burger with tomato and onions at £12.50, but at least there is still something available.

Even with a limited range of burgers for vegetarians, there are otherwise still some great options here including a brisket, but more importantly the burgers. One of these is the Hickory burger with espresso barbecue sauce and onion rings priced at £12.50 or the Doomsday Device for a more spicy kick at the same price, which includes jalapenos and habaneros. On top of this range, there is also the option to add more patties for £2.75, really making it so you can have whatever you’re in the mood for.