After the year we have all had I think everyone is craving a trip to a bar with their friends, but Nottingham has so many fantastic bars to choose from! To make the choice a little bit easier here are the most unique bars in Nottingham, some of these you may not have heard of before let alone tried. Each unique bar is unlike any other, and will definitely shake things up.

1. Hockley Arts Club

The Hockley Arts Club is a wonderfully creative and aesthetic bar hidden in the bustling streets of Hockley. The club has three floors each with a different theme. The ground floor is known as ‘Stockholm’ and this is also an independent bar with relaxed seating and a large selection of drinks. The second floor is made up of the ‘Blue rooms’, and it also has table service for both food and drinks. The top floor is the ‘Electric Garden’ and is absolutely stunning. It even has its own private entrance and can be hired for events.

2. 400 Rabbits

unique bars nottingham 400 rabbits
Source: Nottingham Post

This Tequila and Mezcal Bar is Nottinghams first and only Mezcaleria, which specialises in incredible cocktails. You can browse through their selection of drinks in their brightly coloured menu, and they even offer masterclasses so you can learn to make some of their speciality drinks.

3. The Walrus

unique bars in nottingham the walrus
Source: Design My Night

An underground bar is twice the fun as the music gets louder and they’re usually more spacious. At the Walrus you are hidden away below the city in a quirky vintage bar with neon signs, ping pong tables, and a variety of tasty drinks including a mix of classics and their own creations.

4. Boilermaker

Although the Boilermaker is unable to help you with your central heating, they can ensure you have a fantastic night in their hidden bar. They serve a variety of drinks, which you can browse through in their menu, which has also been created in the style of a boiler instruction manual. This really is a bar like no other, which you and your friends should try.

5. Pitcher and Piano

unique bars in nottingham
Source: TwistedSifter

The former High Pavement Chapel in Nottingham is now the Pitcher and Piano bar, unlike any other in the city thanks to the stunning architecture which is sure to add a dash of sophistication to any night out. As well as drinks the bar also serves food, including a bottomless brunch as well as more filling or snacky options. Some of their most popular drinks include their original cocktails, such as a Havana Ba-na-na or a Flossy Bob.

6. The Alchemist

unique bars in nottingham
Source: Bar Magazine

This unconventional cocktail bar is one not to miss during your time in Nottingham as it is a bar like no other. Their cocktail menu is in the style of a periodic table, and they also use fire and dry ice in some of their cocktails to create the appearance of a scientific concoction. The Alchemist also offer Masterclasses so you can learn how to make some of their unique drinks yourself.