While Nottingham is a city with a massive amount to see and do during the day, it’s not just during the lighter hours where it’s an explorer’s heaven.

After darkness falls, you can head out and try to find one of the many hidden gems its nightlife has to offer.

To help you on your quest, we’ve rounded up the seven best hidden bars in Nottingham. Good luck finding them…


boilermaker Nottingham

Credit: Boilermaker/Facebook
Where: 36 Carlton St, NG1 1NN

Taking its name from the boiler shop it is cunningly hidden behind, Boilermaker is one of the coolest speakeasies you’ll find in the whole city. With a very chilled-out but playful vibe, it is a fantastic way to unwind with some amazing cocktails in a very unique environment.


bunk Nottingham

Credit: Bunk/Facebook
Where: 19 Stoney St, NG1 1LP

Bunk specialises in cocktails and wings, a combo we don’t think we will ever be able to turn down. With a vast menu of cocktails to suit all tastes, coupled with an even broader wings selection, you can be sure to find something to your taste.

Pepper Rocks

pepper rocks Nottingham

Credit: Pepper Rocks/Facebook
Where: 12 Pepper St, Bridlesmith Gate, NG1 2GH

This two-floor affair boasts some very fairly-priced cocktails in a gorgeous location. It has a retro-industrial theme with a relaxed atmosphere, and its enormous sofas are perfect for relaxing with a Pina Colada in hand.

The Secret Garden

secret garden Nottingham

The Secret Garden/Facebook
Where: 15 Trinity Square, NG1 4AF

The Secret Garden is, aptly, nestled out of sight just off Trinity Square. It’s a gorgeous rooftop garden with a laid-back vibe: think deck chairs and garden benches. There is nowhere better to go on a sunny day to enjoy the Pimm’s and beer on offer.

The Herbert Kilpin

herbert-kilpin Nottingham

The Herbert Kilpin/Facebook
Where: 10 Bridlesmith Walk, NG1 2HB

This massive old building is now home to The Herbert Kilpin, a new establishment featuring a hidden beer garden in its back yard. Describing itself as an ‘urban and contemporary’ pub, The Herbert Kilpin offers hearty, very reasonably-priced food and a great selection of beers and other drinks.

Coco Tang

coco-tang Nottingham

Credit: Coco Tang/Facebook
Where: 45 Bridlesmith Gate, NG1 2GN

Coco Tang is one of the trickier bars to find on this list, with its entrance coming in the form of a generic doorway with a red lantern hanging over it. It serves a huge selection of fancy cocktails, so you can feel exclusive and rich when you manage to find it.


junkyard Nottingham

Credit: Junkyard Nottingham/Facebook

Where: 12 Bridlesmith Walk, NG1 2HB

Junkyard is a beer-lover’s haven, featuring a massive selection of bottled and draught beers to sample. Next door to the aforementioned The Herbert Kilpin, Junkyard offers a something for all tastes.