Public transport is essential as a student. Owning a car is often impractical and definitely expensive, so public transport is a great way to get around. Nottingham is a city with a great public transport infrastructure, so you’ll be able to get to and from campus and around the city with no problem. But, if you’re new to the city or you may be from somewhere that doesn’t have much public transport, it may seem a little daunting at first. Well, that’s where this comes in. Here is a quick guide to Nottingham public transport. 


A guide to Nottingham public transport

There are two companies that run the buses in Nottingham – Nottingham City Transport and TrentBarton. NCT runs all the numbered services, so routes like the 4, the 34 or 36. Meanwhile, TrentBarton has a variety of names for their services – the most important ones for students are the i4, the Indigo, or the skylinks. While they may be run by different companies, both services are participating in the government’s help for households campaign. From now until the end of March 2023, all single bus fares in Nottingham will be £2. 

One thing to bear in mind though – you need to specify if you’re buying a single ticket or an all-day ticket when you board. If you go somewhere on one service and then come back on another, you will be charged for an all-day ticket for both, meaning that two journeys could cost you nearly £10. 


Ride the Nottingham tram with our public transport guide

The trams are the easiest way of getting around via Nottingham public transport. They’re super frequent and take you to all the major places in Nottingham. There are two main tram lines: the green line and the purple line. Both go through the city centre, then the green line goes via Uni Of, Beeston, Bulwell and Hucknall. The purple line, meanwhile, goes to Clifton, Wilford and Phoenix Park.

While individual tickets are relatively expensive (£2.20 for a single ticket (90mins), £3.70 for an all-day ticket), there are season passes available. At the beginning of each academic year, you can buy an annual student pass for £225 (a discount). However, it may only be worth buying a pass if you know you’re going to use the tram frequently, as it’s not worth it if you’re living in halls for example. 


A guide to Nottingham public transport

Proper trains won’t really get you around Nottingham. There are trains from the main Nottingham Station to Beeston Station for example, but it’s cheaper and more convenient to get the bus/tram. What trains can do, however, is get you in and out of the city. Nottingham Station has a stop on both tram lines and is reachable on many buses, so it’s easy to access if you need it. It can take you to London, Liverpool, Manchester, Norwich, Birmingham and Leeds, along with many other big cities in the country. 

We hope our guide to Nottingham public transport will help you move around the city more easily. While it may not have as extensive of an infrastructure as say, London, Nottingham public transport is clean, reliable and generally a pleasant experience. It’ll definitely be useful during your time as a student in the city. 

Whether you’re a current fresher, you’re coming to Notts in September, or you’ve been here for years, there’s always something new to experience in the city. Check out our Nottingham city page to get a whistle-stop tour of everything you need to know about the city.