The voters spoke, and Nottingham Trent’s new committee was named for their Student Union. Here is the lowdown on the new committee if you missed it…

On March 19, the voting closed for the NTSU officers’ elections as Trent students voted to who they wanted to represent their student union in the 2021/22 academic year. In total, there was 6932 who voted, which was the highest voting figure for the elections in the last five years.

Students were voting for several positions, which included subcategories of Executive officers, equality and diversity network chairs, a confetti officer and undergrad school officers. Those who were lucky enough to win the position they were going for are as follows.

Executive Officers

  • President: Conor Naughton
  • VP Education: Katherine Fagg
  • VP Community and Welfare: Zoë Mallett
  • VP Opportunities: Cameron Sutton
  • VP Sport: Zoe Clifton
  • VP Postgraduate: Benedict Wills
  • Brackenhurst Officer: Taya Stevens
NTSU officer elections
Source: NTSU

Equality and Diversity Network Chairs – represent a range of student demographics at Trent.

  • Accessibility & Disability: Dani-Louise Olver
  • Gender: Annelise Edwards-Daem
  • Ethnic Minorities: Angel Momoh
  • Sexuality: Callum Jepson
  • International:Urte Poznanskyte

Confetti Officer – represents students at Confetti.

  • Joe Haley

Undergrad School Officers – represents students in their Schools and will help to improve their educational experience at Trent.

  • Nottingham Business School: Nick Harris
  • Science & Technology: Kallum Hancox
NTSU officer elections
Source: NTSU

What did it feel like when it was announced you won the election?

Taya Stevens (Brackenhurst Officer) and Cameron Sutton (VP Opportunities) gave their views on what it’s like to be a part of the newly elected committee.

Taya: It was a very mixed bag of emotions! Overall, I was excited and was very shaky thanking everyone once the result was announced. I was also met with a lot of nerves realising that I would have the responsibility of the role, which I’m sure will push me into doing the best I can in helping students.

Cameron: Other than a huge wave of relief, I was incredibly happy to get re-elected within my role! It feels amazing to know that despite a tough year, an even larger number of students believed in me to continue for a 2nd and final year.

What does your role entail? (for those that are unaware of what goes into it)

Taya: A Brackenhurst Officer’s role is to represent the campus students by enabling them to raise concerns and feedback that the officer can then take to meetings to discuss them with other Exec’s and Union staff. Representing issues exclusive to Brackenhurst is another core part of this role. It also ensures that Brackenhurst is included with the rest of the university, and it will be my job to ensure there’s consistency between campuses regarding important changes and campaigns.

Cameron: I essentially look after all the societies we have at NTSU, ensuring they are kept up to date on what we’re up to as well as ensure committee members are getting the most out of their roles. I also look after all the fundraising we do with NTSU RAG, working with the RAG committee to come up with exciting new ideas for students to raise money for our incredible nominated charities. 

What are your main aims in your new position?

Taya: My main is concern is Brackenhurst being somewhat of a myth campus that not a lot of students know a lot about, let alone have visited. I want to collaborate between campuses using events to bring students together whether that be Brackenhurst student accessing main events at Clifton/City or vice versa.

Cameron: After a really challenging year, I’d primarily like to ensure student engagement in societies and activities are improved next year.

Another point focuses on creating a skills swap programme with VP Sport for Societies and Sports Clubs – other aims include a virtual society Freshers’ Fair to increase student accessibility, facilitating the return of our much-loved RAG Week, and our largest ever Entertainments Committee who are responsible for providing feedback to further improve our brilliant events offering at NTSU!

What do you hope as a whole for your newly elected team to do for Trent students?

Taya: I just hope we all work together and are open-minded to the ideas that come through. After Covid, everybody is needing a enjoyable next year, so I hope we give Trent students a year that makes up for lost time!

Cameron: I believe a cohesive team is one of the most important factors in improving productivity; fortunately, as all the full-time re-running officers were re-elected, it will enable us to continue that fantastic working relationship we have through to next year!

We look forward to seeing what the new NTSU committee brings us this year!