You may not know it, but the halls of Nottingham have been the home to many a famous face.

But did you know these celebrities went to the University of Nottingham?

Matt Berry


Credit: Matt Berry/Facebook
What did he study? Contemporary arts
What year did he graduate? 1997

Since completing his contemporary arts degree at Nottingham Trent University in 1997, Berry has gone from strength to strength (picking up a BAFTA along the way) in the comedy world, appearing in everything from The IT Crowd to his own delightfully demented Snuff Box. He also fronts an incredibly technically gifted progressive rock band, and is the voice of Absolute Radio. Quite the résumé!

Ruth Wilson


What did she study? History
What year did she graduate? 2003

As evil genius Alice in BBC’s hit detective thriller Luther, Ruth Wilson has made herself a household name. She has since gone on to play a lead role in the massive US drama The Affair, winning a Golden Globe for her performance. And it all started at the University of Nottingham. The former history student first trod the boards at the famous institution and thank god she did!

London Grammar


Credit: London Grammar/Facebook
What did they study? English, art history and English, economics and philosophy
What year did they graduate? 2011 and 2012

The trio all met at the University of Nottingham before jetting off to superstardom in the music world. They all studied different subjects but managed to put those differences aside to create some of the best British indie pop of the last few years, and were recently honoured with an Alumni Laureate Award by the university.

Clive Tyldesley


Credit: towno10/Instagram
What did he study? Industrial economics
What year did he graduate? 1975

Despite getting his degree in industrial economics, Tyldesley’s dream was always to be a football commentator. He certainly got his wish, having presided over commentary for the last 17 Champions League finals and a whole host of games in the World Cup. He also provided one of the most iconic five words in commentary, in one of the greatest football matches of all time.E

Christian O’Connell


What did he study? Communication studies
What year did he graduate? 1995

The radio DJ definitely seems to have utilised his degree in communication studies from Nottingham Trent University. He now presents his own show on Absolute Radio, winning a record number of radio awards. Between him and Matt Berry it seems NTU alumni are destined to end up working for Absolute Radio in some capacity.

Stephen Dixon


Credit: @skystephen/Twiter
What did he study? Broadcast journalism
What year did he graduate? 1995

When Stephen Dixon completed his BA in broadcast journalism in 1995, he was among the first graduates in the country to receive such a degree. Since then he has put his studies to incredibly good use, presenting Sky News and Sky News At Ten, among other shows across the TV broadcasting giant’s channels.

Theo James


Credit: Mingle Media TV
What did he study? Philosophy
What year did he graduate? 2007

Proving the stereotype of philosophy being a useless degree wrong, Theo Jones put his time spent at the Nottingham New Theatre to use with his starring roles in the Divergent series of films. He was cast in two films while still in his final year, which makes our inability to even get to lectures on time feel more embarrassing than it already was.