Rivalries between universities can always be a bit tense, with varsity and the constant debate between who is smarter, it’s no wonder why we have separate club nights.

But what happens if you match with a totally hot potential bae only to find out they go to Trent? Do you continue the relationship for it only to end in disaster at varsity or do you cut your losses and stay single?

If this is the kind of dilemma you’re currently faced with, here are all our reasons why you should never date someone from your rival uni.

1. You could never go on a night out together

Going out is a huge part of uni life, especially on designated uni nights – who doesn’t love a Crisis Wednesday or Ocean Friday? Dating someone from Trent means they won’t be there and you won’t always have an invite when they go out.

2. Socialising would be impossible

You’ll probably be in different social circles, which means it could be hard to get the right balance and share your time fairly. Also, no one wants to be chilling Trent’s SU bar while all your mates are pre-drinking for Ocean Friday.

3. You’d always secretly be enemies

Nottingham uni cares a lot about sport. If you date someone from Trent events such as varsity are going to be incredibly awkward. It will be impossible to stop yourself from rubbing in the varsity result after a few bevvys.

4. You’d have to go on a trek just to see them

Lenton is the hub for Uni Of students and all your friends probably live incredibly close to you. Dating someone from Trent means you’ll have to trek to another part of town and seeing them would be a chore. Think of the money you’d save on the bus or an Uber.

5. You could never be study buddies

If you date someone at your own uni you’ll likely be spending days together writing essays and revising in Hallward. But a Trent student may have totally different deadlines and still be going out while you cry over the 3000 words you are yet to write.

6. Planning in advance would be hard

When it comes to holiday dates, if you’re still here for your last week of term and they’ve gone home, that’s no fun. If you’re at home and they’re back at uni because their new term has already started, it’s also not fun. Of course, you could stay on at uni or go home early, but that might not always be possible.

7. They would never get your jokes

Dating someone who doesn’t go to your uni means you can never banter about how shit Trent is compared to Uni Of. They don’t know about the squirrels or the ducks on campus, they’ve never heard of the Hallward cat, trekked up Portland Hill or been to Ocean on a Friday and there’s only so much you can bang on about it before they lose the plot.

8. You’d always be known as the smarter one

We’re all aware of uni reputations. Chances are, no matter how hard you try, that niggling stereotype of the the Uni of students are smarter than Trent students will always be there. Although they might not say it, they probably would think you’re a bit posh, stuck up and might resent you for it.

Put simply, no matter how good looking, funny, kind and sensitive they might seem or how well you get along, when it comes down to it, they’re not a Nottingham student and for that reason, they’re just not quite right.

Last Updated on August 16, 2022