In Nottingham, using the tram is a great way to get about the city, and the fact that you can use the app to buy tickets makes it even more convenient. There is a stop right outside the University Park campus, by the Lakeside Arts Centre, which makes it perfect for students living on campus to get to the city. It then has several stops on the way to the city, including Gregory Street in Lenton and the Queens Medical Centre. It also stops outside of Nottingham Trent University, meaning it is the perfect mode of transport for all students. Listed below are the tram prices that are available for students and adults. In Nottingham, you are still counted as a child if you are below the age of 19, so if you are 18, you are eligible to buy the child ticket, which is slightly cheaper than the student ticket.

Single Tickets

Single tickets expire 90 minutes after purchase, they are great if you just want a one-way ticket or are thinking of only taking a short trip. Listed below are the ticket prices for adult, student and under 19. You may need to show ID if stopped by a ticket collector if you purchase an under 19 or a student ticket, so be sure to carry your student ID with you.

Adult: £2.40

Student: £1.80

Under 19: £1.30

Day Tickets

Day tickets are perfect if you are thinking of spending all day in the city centre, or are even great for going on a night out, as they expire at 2 am the following morning of purchase. Once you have purchased a ticket, either through the app or on one of the ticket machines outside a tram stop, it will activate immediately, so make sure only to purchase when you’re about to use it.

Adult: £4.20

Student: £3.20

Under 19: £2.40

Group Tickets

Group tickets are perfect if you are going out and about with either your family or your flatmates. They allow for up to two adults and three under 19s, so if you are going with friends, be sure that at least 3 of you are under 19. These also expire at 2 am the following morning after purchase, and all group ticket passengers must travel together for it to be valid.

Group: £10

Weekly Tickets

These are great if you feel like you are using the tram frequently and if you like going into the city most days during the week. They expire at 2 am, 7 days after the day of purchase. Beware, these may not necessarily be worth purchasing unless you feel that you are getting the tram every day.

Adult: £18.50

Student: £14

Under 19: £9.50

Academic Tickets

The option to buy academic tickets is available for either students or under 19s and is a great option if you feel that you are getting the tram frequently, and it may be worth it for you. These are best bought at the beginning of the academic year, as they last until 1st August 2021 (though next year, it will probably be until 1st August 2022) at 2 am.

Student: £225

Under 19: £225

These are all the different types of tickets available to buy when using the tram. You can purchase tickets through the NetGo app or one of the machines available at a tram stop. Through personal experience, it is better to use the app, as sometimes the machines can be faulty, and you may not have enough time to buy a ticket before your tram arrives. The app also provides updates on service and whether or not there are any delays. Using trams are a great way to get around Nottingham, as they are more efficient and reliable than using the bus and are better for the environment than using a car.