Waking up on a Sunday morning it is very likely there is one thing on your mind — ‘where can I get a decent fry up?’

And why should it be any different? We all take great pride in our full English breakfasts, black pudding aside, they are the best breakfasts in the world.

Finding the right place to grab a decent cooked breakfast can be tricky business.

Rather than risking going to a dodgy greasy spoon where you’re served burnt sausages and overcooked eggs, we have put together a list of the 11 best spots to find a fry up in Nottingham — enjoy!

1. The hangover cure fry up


Where? Trent Bridge Inn, 2 Radcliffe Road, NG2 6AA.
When? 8am to 12pm.

You can always rely on a good Spoons to deliver a decent full English. When the booze from the night before leaves you with a funny taste in your mouth their breakfast is there to save the day. A large breakfast comes with two fried eggs, two sausages, baked beans, bacon, three hash browns, mushroom, tomato and two slices of toast. That’ll be more than enough to sort you out on the morning after the night before.

2. The deli fry up


Where? Hungry Pumpkin, 38 High Pavement, NG1 1HN.

This independent coffee shop nestled in the Lace Market provides freshly cooked meals, which means you may need to wait a while for your food to be cooked. However, it is worth the wait.

3. The vegan fry up


Where? Fox Cafe, 9 Pelham Street, NG1 2EH.

Another small independent coffee and sandwich shop but this one has a twist as all their food is vegan. Despite the lack of animal meat, their colourful breakfasts are full of flavour.

4. The fry up with a side of freakshake


Where? The Pudding Pantry, 27-29 Trinity Square, NG1 4AF.
When? Every day until 4pm.

A milkshake joint is, understandably, the last place you’d think to go to for a full English but once you try it, you will understand the method behind the madness. Order The Full Pantry, which consists of two American style pancakes and maple syrup with smoked, streaky bacon, homemade beans, garlic mushrooms and either a scrambled or fried egg with one of their ever-popular milkshakes and we can ensure your sweet and savoury taste buds will come together to make sweet, sweet music. Thank me later.

5. The Instagram friendly fry up


Where? Crimson Tree, 621 Mansfield Road, NG5 2FX.
When? Monday to Friday 10am to 11.30am, Saturday 10am to 1pm and Sunday 11am to 2pm.

A slightly more upmarket establishment than the rest but they serve decent grub nonetheless. Their bright, quirky decor makes you feel as if you’re eating at your crazy aunt’s house and the truffle and feta infused scrambled eggs sound rather outlandish but are a must try.

6. The relaxed fry up


Where? Cafe Sobar, 22 Friar Lane, NG1 6DQ.
When? All day, every day.

An alcohol-free venue may be the ideal place for you to grab a fry up on a hangover, when the last thing you want to catch sight of is another vodka Red Bull. This cafe’s friendly, inviting atmosphere makes everyone feel welcome. They offer breakfasts for big and little appetites all of which are under £10.

7. The spoiled for choice fry up


Where? Bill’s, 15 Queen Street , NG1 2BL.
When? Monday to Friday 8am to 12pm and Saturday and Sunday 8am to 1pm.

You really can’t go wrong with a good breakfast from Bill’s. Although it’s a chain restraint, their attention to detail and welcoming staff make it feel like an independent. Also, their pesto roasted plum tomatoes give us life.

8. The intercontinental fry up


Where? Warsaw Diner, 93-35 Derby Road, NG1 5BB.
When? 9am to 1.50pm Tuesday to Sunday.

Combining Polish and American cuisine this breakfast joint serves up dishes to suit all kinds of cravings. If you want pancakes topped with fruit and drizzled in syrup or a simple scrambled egg Warsaw Diner has got your back.

9. The well-loved fry up


Where? Hartleys Coffee & Sandwich Bar, 21 Carlton Street, NG1 1NL.
When? All day, Monday to Sunday.

With hoards of positive reviews you’d be foolish not to give this place a try at least once. They serve three different types of fry ups including a vegetarian and vegan option. However, if a full English seems a bit overwhelming and you’d rather dig into a bacon and sausage butty, they offer those too, yum!

10. The cheap and cheerful fry up


Where? Haydn Cafe, 73 Haydn Road, NG5 2LA.
When? All day, every day.

A traditional cafe with simple food at cheap prices for you no-nonsense lot who just want a normal fry up without the fuss. For £3.99 you can grab yourself an all-day breakfast but if the hangover has left you feeling particularly peckish you can get a Carol’s Special which is two of everything with tea or coffee and a choice of either fried bread, toast or bread and butter for £5.70.

Last Updated on September 5, 2022