It can be really hard to find a succulent, cheesy burger to get you drooling and satisfy your taste buds. Rather than having to go on a tasting trial across the city, we have put together a list of the 16 best buns in Nottingham for you to sink your teeth into.

1. The Mexican burger


Where? Annie’s Burger Shack, 5 Broadway, Lace Market, NG1 1PR.

If you haven’t already been to or heard about Annie’s you must be living under a rock. It is rated number one on our list for a reason, it is the creme de la creme of burger joints. They offer a number of tempting creations including The Delta, The Elvis — which is a patty topped in peanut butter and jam — and The Lemmy, but our favourite had to be The Gringo.

2. The calzone and burger in one burger


Where? Rub Smokehouse, 2 – 4 Flecturegate, NG1 1QS.

If you’re looking for some truly epic food to satisfy that empty stomach and excite your eyes and taste buds, this is the place for you. A glance at the burgers section of the menu and you may think this is a pretty standard place, but if you venture over to the Epic Food section you will discover a whole heap of calorific creations to stuff you face with. Some of their inventions include the Belgian Waffle Burger, Beat The Meat Taco Burger and, not forgetting the Big Boy USA In Little Italy which is a double cheeseburger wrapped up in a barbecue and mozzarella calzone.

3. The gourmet burger


Where? The Real Burger Company, 64 Gregory Boulevard, NG7 5JD.

This joint is ideal if you want a decent burger delivered to your door. Forget a cheap quarter pounder from the local kebab shop. Their menu is as long as your arm so you’re bound to find something you like. If your housemate also has a craving for a good bun, they do some great deals including two chicken burgers, two chips and two drinks for £9.99.

4. The spicy burger


Where? Red’s True Barbecue, 11 Queen Street, NG1 2BL.

The place where everything tastes good grilled. Red’s will have you dribbling as your browse their menu. They are another joint that aren’t shy of experimenting as their beefy creations include The Donut Burger, the Pit Burger, and the Juicy Lucifer, which isn’t for the faint hearted.

5. The fun burger


Where? Spanky Can Dykes, 17 Goldsmith Street, NG1 5JT.

They call themselves a fun house for a reason. Spanky Van Dykes will guarantee to keep all your senses entertained with great food, drink and entertainment including live music, pub quizzes, and themed nights. The fun keeps on going all the way to the menu too with quirky titles and tastes for their burgers including The Ex-Boyfriend, which is a chargrilled jerk chicken breast with scotch bonnet dip and lime mayo, and The Chewy Louie, which is a beef patty topped with chorizo, and chargrilled halloumi.

6. The towering burger


Where? Mud Crab Pacifico, 3 Central Ave, West Bridgford, NG2 5GQ.

Price wise, they are a bit on their more expensive side but it’s worth it, we promise. They offer three different burgers including the Grilled Chicken BLT Burger, the Original Dirty Burger and the 2nd Best Cheeseburger.

7. The all-American burger


Where? Red Dog Saloon, 20-22 Victoria Street, NG1 2EX.

Another US themed burger joint. I know I can see your eyes roll at the lack of imagination for themes but American’s really do the best burgers. This place piles their patties higher than the Empire State Building.

8. The vegan burger


Where? The Alley Cafe Bar, 1A Cannon Court, Long Row, NG1 6JE.

When people think of vegan food they think of a bland, stodgy beetroot patties. However, Alley Cafe have mastered the art of a good tasting, animal-free buns. Even if you aren’t dedicated to the plant based diet yourself we recommend you give these guys a try.

9. The burger that goes great with a pint


Where? The Navigation, 6 Wilford Street, NG7 1JX.

No one does a pub burger quite like the Nav Inn. Not only do they go great with a pint but they are easy on the purse strings too. They also offer 2 for 1 on burgers between 2pm and 5pm Monday to Saturday and all day Sunday.

10. The ultimate veggie burger


Where? Cafe Sobar, 22 Friar Lane, NG1 6DQ.

This alcohol-free venue has a very friendly, laid back atmosphere. Their veggie burger is a portobella mushroom topped with friend onions, roasted peppers and Emmental cheese and looks good enough to convert the biggest meat lovers.

11. The bargain burger


Where? OAKS, 2 Bromley Place, NG1 6JG.

This venue buys all its meat from local farmers, so you know the meat will be fresh. On Wedsnesdays they have a beefy deal where you can buy a burger, chips and a pint of a glass of house wine for just £10.95, bargain!

12. The fish burger


Where? George’s Great British Kitchen, Queen Street, NG1 2BL.

The nautical themed restaurant in the heart of the city centre offers quirky decor, a great dining atmosphere and buns to satisfy all kinds of tastes. From the Proper Double Dirty Burger to the Mac ‘n’ Cheese Fest Burger, there is plenty for all. However, we suggest the tempting George’s Stacked Fish Burger which has a battered cos fillet instead of the average beef patty. A bit of an odd twist for some but definitely worth it for those willing to experiment.

13. The steak burger


Where? Son Of Steak, Trinity Square, NG1 4BJ.

Sometimes the best thing in life are simple. No fancy sauces, buns and fries with odd toppings. If you’re sick of gentrified burgers and want something that is not only simple but tasty too, this restaurant is for you. They offer four types of burgers, all of which come in a toasted buttermilk sesame bun with burger sauce, lettuce and beef tomato. You can’t go wrong.

14. The bonkers burger


Where? Curious Manor, Trinity Square, Trinity Row, NG1 4AF.

Imagine Alice In Wonderland meets the 1940s with floor to ceiling windows and you have Curious Manor. This emporium prides itself in being quirky AF so you can expect the same from their food as you would for the decor.

15. The pop up burger


Where? Secret Burger Club, Nottingham Street Food Club, Victoria Centre, Clocktower Dining, NG1 3QP.

OK so this place may not be as readily available as the other joints on this list, but this pop up is on here for a reason. There burgers, which have made appearances at a number of events and are regulars at the Nottingham Street Food Club. Their melt-in-the-mouth patties and quirky creations will delight your taste buds and have you wishing they had a permanent spot.

16. The Masterchef burger


Where? Homeboys.

A burger van with a big difference. They’ve chucked out the greasy spoon style recipes and introduced a Korean influence to our favourite meals, burgers included of course. The brains behind the idea is one of Masterchef’s 2015 finalists Pete Hewitt, who has used his experience on the high-pressured show to create great tasting comfort food. The van isn’t always in Nottingham but it does make regular appearances at the Nottingham Street Food Club.